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Star Trek: DS9

Data Feed: Happy Birthday To Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Aron Eisenberg

We’d like to wish Aron Eisenberg a very Happy Birthday today, as he turns 42. All of you reading this remember him as Nog, everyone’s favorite teenage Ferengi on Deep Space Nine. Without Aron, one of our favorite DS9 episodes, It’s Only a Paper Moon, wouldn’t exist. Anytime we’re feeling down (and even sometimes when we’re not) we watch that episode and it cheers us right up. So we here at Subspace Communique are especially grateful that Aron shared his talent with all of us while on DS9.

Currently he’s the owner of Reel Life Pictures a photography and videography company in Southern California that specializes in weddings and events productions. If you’re able, take a moment and visit his site. The images are beautiful.

Happy Birthday Aron! Thanks so much for entertaining us and lifting our spirits on Deep Space Nine.

Data Feed: Happy Birthday To Star Trek DS9's Nicole de Boer

Happy birthday to Nicole de Boer, she turns 40 today. Many of you remember Nicole as the second incarnation of Dax (or is that 11th); Ezri Dax from the last season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. After leaving DS9, Nicole went on to star opposite Anthony Michael Hall in "Stephen King's Dead Zone" from 2002 to 2007. According to IMDB, she also has several upcoming TV movies in the works.

Something we didn't know, she also had a small role in the Kids in the Hall movie "Brain Candy". Hailing from the Great White North, just like the "Kids", Nicole is currently married to film score composer John Kastner. We'd like to give warm birthday wishes to Nicole. Happy birthday.

Hat tip to Cmdr. Torkadon for giving us a heads up.

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 6 Featuring Natalija Nogulich

We’re pleased to announce the sixth episode of our “Life After Trek” podcast, featuring Natalija Nogulich. Since you're reading this post here, I’m sure you all know Natalija for her character of Admiral Nechayev on Star Trek the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Her strong and heartfelt portrayal of this memorable character has endeared her to Trek fans everywhere, but did you know that she is also an author? In our interview we here all about her new book called “One Woman’s War” tentatively set for release in the spring of 2011, as well as her current endeavors and her thoughts on the Admiral.

Star Trek DS9's Alexander Siddig On Returning To Scifi "This Is Just Like Coming Home"

Star Trek DS9's Alexander Siddig On Returning To Scifi "This Is Just Like Coming Home"

All of you know Alexander Siddig as our kindly Dr. Julian Bashir aboard Deep Space Nine, but Alexander has had quite a film career after leaving the sick bay. From serious film roles in "Syriana" & "Kingdom of Heaven" to scifi / fantasy films "like Clash of the Titans" & "Reign of Fire", Alexander has yet to make a permanent move back to the small screen & episodic TV, until now. Starting early next year you'll be able to catch Alexander in the ITV series "Primeval". Launching in season 4 (or series 4, as the British say) he'll be joining and running the ARC as Phillip Burton. Not familiar with "Primeval"? The show follows a team of five scientists tasked with investigating the appearance of temporal anomalies across Great Britain through which prehistoric and futuristic creatures enter the present.

Trek Culture Review: Star Trek DS9’s Nana Visitor’s Gourmet Desserts

Our favorite chef is at it again. Nana Visitor has two more installments on her Youtube channel for your enjoyment. Over here at Subspace Communique’s headquarters our TV viewing is pretty basic. We’re either watching an iteration of Star Trek or a PBS cooking show. Well, now that we’ve stumbled across Nana’s cooking channel we’ve found a way to combine our interests into one giant ball of fantastic-ness. In her latest show we follow along with her as she goes to a local farmer’s market, and then returns home to whip up her findings into a delectable delight. We’re still trying to figure out how she makes and eats all this great food and still maintains her fabulous figure. Nana, if you’re reading, we’d love to know your secret!

Star Trek DS9’s Nana Visitor Has A Tasty New Youtube Channel

Star Trek DS9’s Nana Visitor Has A Tasty New Youtube Channel

We’re used to seeing Nana Visitor take command of space stations, unruly aliens and tough intergalactic situations but now we get to see another side to her set of skills…command of fine cuisine. Now based in New Mexico, Nana’s newest role is Creator of Decadent Desserts for Un Petit Morceau, a specialty baking company that features artisanal desserts.

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 4 Featuring Chase Masterson & James Kerwin

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 4 Featuring Chase Masterson & James Kerwin

We’re pleased to announce the fourth episode of our podcast called, “Life After Trek” featuring Chase Masterson & James Kerwin. As you all know, Chase played Leeta on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and is an accomplished singer, feature film producer & actor. Her most recent role is that of the "Jazz Singer" in the film noir science fiction thriller "Yesterday Was a Lie". In this special episode of "Life After Trek", we talk in depth with "Yesterday Was a Lie" writer / director James Kerwin about the new film and then finish out the episode with a insightful discussion with Chase about her time on DS9.

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 3 Featuring Jeffrey Combs

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 3 Featuring Jeffrey Combs

We’re pleased to announce the third episode of our podcast called, “Life After Trek” featuring none other than Jeffrey Combs. Many of you know Jeffrey from his many and varied characters on Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, & Voyager. He's one of our absolute favorite actors worthy of his own Trek series, where in our minds, he plays every single character. We had the pleasure of spending time with Jeffrey while he was here in Austin during Fantastic Fest. He and "Re-animator" director Stuart Gordon were in town for showings of many of the films that they have collaborated on over the years. Jeffrey was also here to preform his one man show "Nevermore: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe". We had the opportunity to catch a showing of "Nevermore" and can truly say that it was a breathtaking experience.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heading In Game-Form To A Browser Near You

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heading In Game Form To A Browser Near You

We reported back in June that Gameforge, the largest independent global provider of online games, had signed a worldwide licensing deal with CBS Studios to publish free-to-play casual browser games based on the Star Trek franchise. It looks like we're one step closer to getting our Trek gaming on in Google Chrome (yeah, that's how we roll).

DS9 will be the setting for the first browser-based free-to-play game called Star Trek: Infinite Space, with two other games in the works slated for 2011. One of the games will be a facebook exclusive, untitled as of yet, and will focus on the original series.

Gameforge has enlisted award-winning developer Keen Games to lead development on Star Trek: Infinite Space.

“Bringing Keen Games on board to develop Star Trek – Infinite Space was an easy decision to make as Keen has a strong history of producing outstanding titles,” said Ralf Adam, VP of Publishing at Gameforge. “Our production team will work closely with Keen Games to bring the vision we have for Star Trek – Infinite Space to fruition.”

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art