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About Subspace Communique

What is Subspace Communique

What is Subspace Communique?

Subspace Communique (or Subspace Comms as we're also known) is your source for all things Trek culture related.  What's Trek culture? Well, we feel that it's anything to do with the awesomeness that is Star Trek, obviously.    Seriously though, Trek culture is anything and everything related to Trek fandom.  We're obsessed with Trek and pledge our devotion to scouring the interwebs to find you the stories and reviews that you need.

We launched Subspace Communique on April 4th, 2009 and haven't looked back since....  As the wise man once said "Live long & Prosper."

Who is behind Subspace Communique?

Chief Editor:   Chris Wood (aka Captain Pyke)  email  |  twitter

Associate Editor:   Charity Wood (aka Crewman Becky)  email

Photographer:   Jeff Foster

Game Reviews:   Damon A. Shaw  email

Product Reviews:   Darren Benjamin  email

Movie & Soundtrack Reviews:   Adam Cohen  email

Trivia:   David Kleparek (aka The Trivia Tribble)  email

Contributor:   Jerad "Hey, Star Trek!" Formby  

Contributor:   A.J. Gonzalez

Contributor:   Miles McLoughlin

Contributor    Rob Shimer

Contributor:   David West

Still need more info? 

Drop us a line on our Hail Us page.  

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