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Star Trek: Enterprise

Vegas Khhaaan! 2011 Guest Roster Thus Far. Will All Five Captains Attend?

Vegas Khhaaan! 2011 Guest Roster Thus Far. Will All Five Captains Attend?

Oh, Vegas Khhaaan! your superior intellect and super human looks are hard for us to resist. We had a blast last year covering the Official Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, meeting our readers and hanging with friends new and old. This year is setting up to be just as much fun. It's the 45th anniversary of Star Trek, and we've heard a rumor from an inside source that Creation is trying their hardest to land Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula to complete the full captain set. We have to say, that would be magically epic. Of course, Khhaaan! is always up to no good. It's all cordial and full of smiles until he tries to steal your ship. Let's just hope we don't end up with Ceti Eels attached to our cerebral cortex like last year.

Check out below for the guest roster thus far.

Cryptic Studios Releases NX-01 & Uniforms For Star Trek Enterprise Fans Everywhere

Cryptic Studios Release NX-01 & Uniforms For Star Trek Enterprise Fans

Hot on the heels of other recent C-Store releases, Cryptic Studios aims to please the Star Trek: Enterprise fans that also happen to be STO players. Made available recently, the new items include a full cadre of Enterprise era uniforms as well as the NX-01 class retrofit starship. Both uniforms and ship are available as a bundle (everything for 1215 Cryptic Points) or for the more budget conscious, as individual items. We were excited to not only see the standard Starfleet Enterprise era uniforms, but the mirror universe duds as well. Time to add a goatee to one of our alts. Check out the full details below.

Value Bundle: Enterprise
(1215 Cryptic Points)l

Star Trek: Enterprise's John Billingsley Takes On Poe In New Audio Drama

Star Trek: Enterprise's John Billingsley Takes On Poe In New Audio Drama

We are big fans of Edgar Allan Poe and we especially love it when Star Trek cast members take on projects that involve the master of the Macabre. Most recently we reported on Jeffrey Combs playing Poe in a one man show called "Nevermore: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe". It appears though that Jeffrey is not the only Trek star to dabble in the macabre. Our lovable Dr. Phlox from Enterprise has recorded an audio drama based around the Poe short story "The Fall of the House of Usher". Joining John Billingsley in the audio drama cast are; Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda), Jim O'Rear (The Dead Matter, Day Of The Dead), and Bonnie Friedericy (Chuck).

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 3 Featuring Jeffrey Combs

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 3 Featuring Jeffrey Combs

We’re pleased to announce the third episode of our podcast called, “Life After Trek” featuring none other than Jeffrey Combs. Many of you know Jeffrey from his many and varied characters on Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, & Voyager. He's one of our absolute favorite actors worthy of his own Trek series, where in our minds, he plays every single character. We had the pleasure of spending time with Jeffrey while he was here in Austin during Fantastic Fest. He and "Re-animator" director Stuart Gordon were in town for showings of many of the films that they have collaborated on over the years. Jeffrey was also here to preform his one man show "Nevermore: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe". We had the opportunity to catch a showing of "Nevermore" and can truly say that it was a breathtaking experience.

Star Trek Stars Help The Fight Against Breast Cancer With Project Teddy Bear

Star Trek Stars Fight Breast Cancer With Project Teddy

Today we stumbled upon a great reason to bid on and buy your favorite Star Trek actor’s autograph and photo…to help cure breast cancer via Project Teddy Bear.

Project Teddy Bear was started by Lisa Spodak in 2004 as a way to raise money for her third Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. On her website she says, “I’d wait outside theaters, talk shows or other events for celebrities and explain to them that I was doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and trying to raise $10,000. I’d ask them to sign a little tag that said “Thank You for Your Donation to The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer” and to pose for a picture with the stuffed Avon Breast Cancer Crusade bear. Then I’d post all the pictures on the web and conduct an online auction. Voila! The almost $4,000 that I raised with Project Teddy Bear helped me raise a total of $15,000!” Read the full story here.  Since then she has risen over $150,000 for The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and is still going.

Star Trek Alum Jeffrey Combs Reanimates Poe In Austin, TX

Star Trek Alum Jeffrey Combs Reanimates Poe In Austin, TX

First off, let's start by wishing Jeffrey Combs a very Happy Birthday today!! We love ya!!

One of our favorite Star Trek actors of all time, Shran (I mean) Jeffrey Combs, will be performing his one man stage show "Nevermore" at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX near the end of this month. The show, which is described as "an evening with Edgar Allan Poe," harkens back to the end of Poe's life when he would give live readings of his stories on stage. Oh, shivers! Jeffrey Combs seems tailor made for this play (although we're pretty sure it was the other way around). Not only does he resemble the dark writer of old, but his famous facial expressions and acting prowess are sure to bring Poe back to life with a vigor (see what we did there?), and cause audiences to squeee with delight! We are certainly NOT going to miss this performance and we suggest you don’t either.

"I had a ball" Says Scott Bakula About Star Trek: Enterprise

" I had a ball" Says Scott Bakula On Star Trek: Enterprise

Growing up on "Quantum Leap", we were super excited to hear the news that Scott Bakula would be playing the next captain in Star Trek: Enterprise, back in 2001. The show was slightly different from past Star Trek series, but Scott and the rest of the cast surely didn't disappoint. Enterprise can often be a dividing line among Trek fans. Wait, I take that back, other than TNG and The Original Series, just about everything in Trek can be a dividing line among fans. Anyway, we loved Enterprise and were surely sad to see it go in 2005. Apparently Scott was sad to see it go as well. According to a interview Scott thinks that Archer could have grown up and lightened up a bit in the fifth season and that the series finale was a bit "odd". We completely agree with you Scott. Although, Archer was still The Man, even if he could have smiled a little more. Check out an excerpt from the interview below.

Five years on, how do you look back on Enterprise?

Dr. Phlox Is Turning In His Tricorder For A Little "Leverage"

Dr. Phlox Turning In His Tricorder For A Little "Leverage"

Catchy title, eh? We spent a good deal of our evening coming up with that little gem. We'll maybe not the whole evening... Anyway, since we've started re-watching "Enterprise" from the very beginning, we've fallen in love with Dr. Phlox, all over again. At the moment, and this could change at anytime, Phlox has become our favorite Trek doc. Not that we don't love Bones, The EMH, Dr. Bashir, & Dr. Crusher (well maybe not Crusher).

Happy Birthday To The Great Bird Of The Galaxy; Gene Roddenberry

Happy Birthday To The Great Bird Of The Galaxy; Gene Roddenberry

Eugene Wesley Roddenberry was born August 19th 1921 in El Paso, Texas. Today would have been Gene's 89th birthday and to celebrate the life of this extraordinary man, we bring you a special Youtube Video Round-up: The Gene Roddenberry Edition. Gene wore many different hats over the years, writer, director, producer, husband, father, friend, and as most would agree; visionary. Gene's vision for the future was that of hope in mankind and the hope for a better tomorrow. It has played out on televisions screens all over the world starting on September 8th, 1966 through to today. So, to celebrate the life & legacy of the Great Bird of the Galaxy, we've scoured the halls of Youtube to find the very best of Gene Roddenberry. Enjoy.

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art