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Cryptic Studios Releases NX-01 & Uniforms For Star Trek Enterprise Fans Everywhere

Cryptic Studios Release NX-01 & Uniforms For Star Trek Enterprise Fans

Hot on the heels of other recent C-Store releases, Cryptic Studios aims to please the Star Trek: Enterprise fans that also happen to be STO players. Made available recently, the new items include a full cadre of Enterprise era uniforms as well as the NX-01 class retrofit starship. Both uniforms and ship are available as a bundle (everything for 1215 Cryptic Points) or for the more budget conscious, as individual items. We were excited to not only see the standard Starfleet Enterprise era uniforms, but the mirror universe duds as well. Time to add a goatee to one of our alts. Check out the full details below.

Value Bundle: Enterprise
(1215 Cryptic Points)l

Buy all four Enterprise-themed extras and save 20 percent! This pack includes the Federation NX Class Starship Replica, Federation Costume Pack: Enterprise, Federation Costume Pack: Enterprise Mirror Uniforms - Circa 2160, and the Federation Costume Pack: T'Pol.

Federation NX Class Starship Replica
(800 Cryptic Points)l

After Starfleet starships were converted to a modular design, a group from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers working at Utopia Planitia wondered if vessels from the Federation's past could be constructed in this manner. Working with Federation historian Geoffrey Pacelli, the SCE officers chose the famed NX Class for reconstruction. The NX Class Starship Replica sports the classic look of Earth's starships from the 22nd century, but has been updated with modern technology to meet current Starfleet specifications for Lieutenant-rank missions. The NX has three weapons slots (2 fore, 1 aft), seats for three bridge officers (Ensign Engineering, Ensign Tactical and Ensign Science) and space for four console modifications (2 Tactical, 1 Engineering, 1 Science). It carries a crew of 85, and in a nod to the technology of the 22nd Century the SCE has added a Grappler, which is less efficient than a tractor beam but can hold an enemy for a short time.

Federation Costume Pack: Enterprise (22nd Century)
(240 Cryptic Points)l

In the early days of Earth's space exploration program, uniforms were designed for utility. The crew of the NX-01 wore jumpsuits that resembled the flight suits of 20th century aviators. These uniforms were flame-retardant, easy to clean and had ample pockets for equipment. Perfect for captains flying a NX Class Starship Replica, the Enterprise (22nd Century) costumes are also ideal for away missions in harsh climates.

Federation Costume Pack: Enterprise Mirror Uniforms - Circa 2160
(240 Cryptic Points)l

Seen in the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise, the uniforms of the Mirror Universe are now available in Star Trek Online! These classic costumes offer a peek into the dark side of the early days of exploration

Federation Costume Pack: T'Pol
(240 Cryptic Points)l

The Vulcan "chaperone" for the crew of the NX-01, T'Pol had a style that was both logical and fashionable. This costume pack includes a top, bottom, belt and boots.

Get yours now from the Star Trek Online C-store.

(source Star Trek Online)

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