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Roddenberry Entertainment

New Star Trek Wikia Site Launched Today: “Trek Initiative” By Roddenberry

Working with Wikia, Rod Roddenberry has launched a new information portal for all things Star Trek, called Trek Initiative.  Now there’s a place where, with contributors’ help, you’ll be able to find everything related Star Trek…all in one convenient place.

Roddenberry Entertainment Launches Big At New York Comic-Con With Two Graphic Novels And Special Panel

<p>Roddenberry Entertainment Launches Big At New York Comic-Con With Two Graphic Novels And  A Trek Nation Screening

New York Comic-Con is nearly upon us and Roddenberry Entertainment has a packed schedule for the event. Premiering two new graphic novels and throwing a pizza party for fans during the their panel, The R will be doing The Big Apple right. The Roddenberry Entertainment Panel / pizza party will begin at 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 11 in Room 1A04. Featuring clips from both Trek Nation and White Room 02B3, the panel will feature producer Trevor Roth to answer fan questions. If that isn't enough Roddenberry Entertainment will be premiering the graphic novel version of its wildly popular Days Missing comic series as well as a brand new novel entitled Worth.

Rod Roddenberry Talks Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

A brand new podcast has hit the cyber "airwaves" recently and is set to examine every single episode of Star Trek. The best part about the new show is that it's a Roddenberry Entertainment production. Mission Log, hosted by DVD Geeks' John Champion and "Mac OS Ken" Ken Ray, will start with the TOS pilot "The Cage" and run all the way through the final episode of Enterprise.

Trek Nation Screenings At Star Trek Las Vegas, Plus Exclusive Documentary DVD

Trek Nation Screenings At Star Trek Las Vegas. Plus Exclusive Documentary DVD

If there are few things in the world that live up to they hype built around them, Trek Nation has got to be one of the shinning examples. We've been writing about the the Roddenberry Entertainment documentary for years now and after seeing it in November of last year, it was definitely worth the wait. Now, you can check out the film twice at the biggest licensed Star Trek convention on the planet.

Roddenberry Entertainment's "Trek Nation" Available For Digital Download

For those of you that got the chance to see Trek Nation again (or for the first time) at San Diego ComicCon, we're jealous.  For everyone else, the Roddenberry Entertainment documentary is now available for digital download via iTunes, Vudu, XBOX Live, and YouTube.  Rod Roddenberry made the announcement today via his Twitter account.

Roddenberry Entertainment's "White Room: 02B3" Set For Showing At San Diego Comic-Con

The much anticipated Roddenberry Entertainment film "White Room: 02B3" is poised to make its North American debut at San Diego Comic-Con. The new film is a genuine Roddenberry endeavor, examining the human condition from - literally - every angle as the story reveals a bizarre experiment that could help change the face of humanity forever.

Trek Nation's North American Theatrical Premiere Set For San Diego ComicCon

Trek Nation's North American Theatrical Premiere Set For San Diego ComicCon

As we reported earlier, Trek Nation made its international debut today at SCI-FI-LONDON. On top of that, we just received word that Trek Nation will be heading for its North American theatrical debut at this year's San Diego ComicCon. If that wasn't enough, the showing is completely free, doesn't require a ComicCon pass, and will be immediately followed by a Q&A session with Rod Roddenberry. Can I say it for all of us?... That's pretty freakin' cool! The event will be held at the historic Birch North Park Theatre on  July 12th followed by the aforementioned Q&A session, plus a special meet-and-great at West Coast Tavern. As always Roddenberry Entertainment wants Trek fans to show their love and come dressed in full regalia. So all you Borg, Vulcans, and even Pakleds get suited-up for this special event.

"Trek Nation" & Roddenberry Entertainment's "White Room 02B3" To Debut Internationally At SCI-FI-LONDON

Trek Nation & Roddenberry Entertainment's White Room 02B3 To Debut Internationally At SCI-FI-LONDON

As many of you know, we've been following Rod Roddenberry's documentary Trek Nation for the past few years. Also like many of you, we absolutely loved the film. Now, UK Trek fans can experience the film up close and personal as it makes its international debut at this year’s annual SCI-FI-LONDON film festival May 7th. Along with Trek Nation, the much anticipated Roddenberry Entertainment original production White Room 02B3 will make its world debut the same night. We first heard of White Room back at Vegas Khhaaan! 2011 when Rod Roddenberry took the stage to discuss the groundbreaking 360-degree technology behind the film.

Roddenberry Entertainment's "Days Missing" To Be Developed For TV & Film

Roddenberry Entertainment's "Days Missing" To Be Developed For TV & Film

As many of you know, we've been covering the ever evolving "Days Missing" IP from our friends at Roddenberry Entertainment for some time now. We just got word that they are partnering with Benderspink to co-develop the award-winning graphic novel series for television and film, marking the first TV show based on a Roddenberry property since Star Trek: Enterprise.

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art