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Trek Culture Review: New Flavors of Star Trek DS9’s Nana Visitor’s Gourmet Desserts

Trek Culture Review: New Flavors of Star Trek DS9’s Nana Visitor’s Gourmet Desserts

A new Bouboulette collection of flavors, the “Aromatic Collection”, is available at Nana Visitor’s gourmet dessert company, Un Petit Morceau. We ordered them. Ate them. Loved them! …and Reviewed them. All just for you…certainly not just because we needed an excuse to order and enjoy them ourselves…honest!

Crewman Becky Reviews: Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter by Think Geek

What do you do after days of waiting on baited breath for your Star Trek Pizza Cutter from Think Geek to arrive at your house? Dig out that frostbitten pizza from your freezer, of course. So after plopping that block of ice…errr…ummm, I mean pizza, into the oven we ran for our camera so that we could share the shiny-ness that is the Star Trek Pizza Cutter with you.

First off we were impressed with the quality of the box. The packaging is worthy of note, as many of the pizza cutters are (we’re sure) destined to a collector’s display cabinet, never to touch a pizza. The main product box is inside a generic white box, which was inside a typical cardboard box for shipping. This main box is made of very sturdy cardboard with quite an appealing graphic stamped onto it with a silver leaf feel. In fact, it’s so nice we don’t want to throw it away. I have a feeling it’s going to end up in the closet with our Apple product boxes that seem just a little too nice to get rid of (…and before you ask if there are piles of newspapers stacked up around here, the answer is NO). Inside you’ll find that the pizza cutter is nestled in billowy foam gently holding it in place, clean and scratch free. Once you remove the covering foam pieces you are treated to a view of a shiny silver version of the Original Series U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.

Trek Culture Review: Star Trek DS9’s Nana Visitor’s Gourmet Desserts

Our favorite chef is at it again. Nana Visitor has two more installments on her Youtube channel for your enjoyment. Over here at Subspace Communique’s headquarters our TV viewing is pretty basic. We’re either watching an iteration of Star Trek or a PBS cooking show. Well, now that we’ve stumbled across Nana’s cooking channel we’ve found a way to combine our interests into one giant ball of fantastic-ness. In her latest show we follow along with her as she goes to a local farmer’s market, and then returns home to whip up her findings into a delectable delight. We’re still trying to figure out how she makes and eats all this great food and still maintains her fabulous figure. Nana, if you’re reading, we’d love to know your secret!

Trek Culture Movie Review: Chase Masterson In "Yesterday Was A Lie"

While we were at this year’s Vegas Khaaan!! we received a copy of “Yesterday Was a Lie” (featuring Deep Space Nine’s own Chase Masterson) to watch, enjoy, and review. We recently sat down and watched it (twice) and thought you might like to read about it.

It’s a psychological mystery/thriller in the style of the best film noir detective movies of the 1940’s. Written and directed by James Kerwin and starring Kipleigh Brown (Enterprise), Chase Masterson (DS9), John Newton, and Mik Scriba, this movie takes you on a stunning ride through fog filled alleys and moonlit city streets that will have you questioning reality at every turn.

Yesterday Was A Lie

Captain Pyke Reviews: Keyscaper "Star Trek" Custom Keyboard & Mouse

Keyscaper "Star Trek" Custom Keyboard & Mouse Review

LCARS or Library Computer Access/Retrieval System is something that most if not all Trek fans are familiar with. Even if you've never heard the acronym before, you've seen it in action. You know, the computer interfaces with multi-colored pill-shaped buttons that litter nearly every computer and control from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" onward. Even "Enterprise" and the new J.J. Abrams's "Star Trek" had they're own custom controls and user interfaces.

Toy Review - Diamond Select's New Enterprise-D(s) By Trekcast's Darren Benjamin

Toy Review - Diamond Select's 'All Good Things' Enterprise-D By Darren Benjamin

Well, here it is, almost a year after I pre-ordered it and after countless delays; the Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise: D from Diamond Select Toys. Was it worth the wait?  Well, I would have to say absolutely YES!!

All Good Things Enterprise-D

Exclusive Star Trek D-A-C Review

Exclusive Star Trek D-A-C Review

Star Trek: D-A-C
Review By Damon A. Shaw

Star Trek D-A-C is the BEST Star Trek game EVER!!...Ok so I'm exaggerating a bit but who are we kidding, there aren't really very many great Trek games.  Star Trek D.A.C is a top down shooter with decent graphics and awkward controls that consumes four to five hours of my day. There are three modes to the game Deathmatch, Assault, and Conquest (hence the name D-A-C). There are two sides, Federation or Romulan, and three classes of ships.  More on the ships later.

Captain Pyke Reviews Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition

Captain Pyke Reviews Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition

Thanks to our friends at Urban Collector, we bring you a new review of Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition.

Exclusive 'Star Trek' Movie Review

Exclusive 'Star Trek' Movie Review

Review by Adam Cohen

(Beware! Contains Spoliers)

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art