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Crewman Becky Reviews: Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter by Think Geek

What do you do after days of waiting on baited breath for your Star Trek Pizza Cutter from Think Geek to arrive at your house? Dig out that frostbitten pizza from your freezer, of course. So after plopping that block of ice…errr…ummm, I mean pizza, into the oven we ran for our camera so that we could share the shiny-ness that is the Star Trek Pizza Cutter with you.

First off we were impressed with the quality of the box. The packaging is worthy of note, as many of the pizza cutters are (we’re sure) destined to a collector’s display cabinet, never to touch a pizza. The main product box is inside a generic white box, which was inside a typical cardboard box for shipping. This main box is made of very sturdy cardboard with quite an appealing graphic stamped onto it with a silver leaf feel. In fact, it’s so nice we don’t want to throw it away. I have a feeling it’s going to end up in the closet with our Apple product boxes that seem just a little too nice to get rid of (…and before you ask if there are piles of newspapers stacked up around here, the answer is NO). Inside you’ll find that the pizza cutter is nestled in billowy foam gently holding it in place, clean and scratch free. Once you remove the covering foam pieces you are treated to a view of a shiny silver version of the Original Series U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.

The pizza cutter itself is weighted nicely and feels very sturdy. The screws/bolts are sunk into the pieces so nothing sticks off or is unsightly. The blade is much larger than a usual pizza cutter, which we found really had no impact on its cutting ability, but definitely enhanced the visual design. It did a great job cutting into our pizza and made nice clean sections through the toppings as well as the crust. We did notice that, along with the blade, the overall devise was much bigger than most kitchen utensils. The tall half of Subspace Comms had no trouble gripping and holding onto the entire cutter. However, our short half found that in order to get a good grip on the cutter, that allowed for precision use, holding onto only one nacelle and the engineering section of the ship was required. You can see the different holds illustrated in our photos. Even though this seemed like a strange way to hold the cutter, it soon became apparent that this grip was needed but easily mastered.

Throughout our inspection we only noticed one negative with the cutter, which actually is less of a “negative” and more of a “question.” We looked all over the box, packing materials, and the cutter itself, but couldn’t find any indication of proper washing care. We can’t tell you if the Star Trek Pizza Cutter is dishwasher safe or not. I suppose if you err on the side of caution you’d say that if it’s not indicated, you should hand wash it. The only problem is we err on the side of laziness so it is currently sitting in the top rack of our dishwasher waiting for the next cycle. We’ll let you know how it fares in the comments section later. Other than that one issue, we totally love the Star Trek Pizza Cutter from Think Geek. Its solid construction, polished texture and, of course, its striking resemblance to our favorite space ship ever, makes this not only a great utensil but also a great collector’s item. – Thumbs up!

The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter is $24.99 and only available from ThinkGeek.

Check out our review pictures below

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