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Captain Pyke Reviews Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition

Captain Pyke Reviews Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition

Thanks to our friends at Urban Collector, we bring you a new review of Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition.

This version of the popular Scene It? series is cool right out of the box or in the box if you will. There are two different tin collectors’ sets. Each contain the same game; however one has a lid adorned with the ships and the other features the ships’ captains. Our metal box lid is colorfully adorned with Starfleet Captains from each series (in appropriate order, I might add), The Enterprise herself and the Delta Shield. Inside we find game cards, game player pieces, dice, a DVD, and a game board. The cards and game board are made from quality materials; however the game board (having been folded for some time) doesn’t lay flat easily at first. We found our game pieces sliding off our spaces often. We finally settled for placing them on the table next to the corresponding board space; that seemed to do the trick. The game pieces are fun all by themselves. Reminiscent of Monopoly pieces, they are small metal versions of 4 of the ships. I don’t mind telling you I was a little giddy taking them out of their plastic bag. Included are; Enterprise, Enterprise D, Voyager, and the Defiant. Needless to say, several moments were spent making sound effects and flying gestures with the pieces.

After popping in the DVD, you're greeted with two title sequences from screenlife (makers of the Scene It? series).  Thankfully, that's all and you're immediately shown the main DVD menu.  Here you can choose the options how to play, play the game, preset gameply, timer settings, and party play.  Party play in particular is a great idea.  If you have a bunch of trekkers hanging out, pop the DVD and choose this option.  The game will randomly generate questions and you and your friends can scream out the answers.

Scene It? Menu

Not being avid board gamers, we started with the 'How to Play' section to get the basics before playing. Having no patience and being excited to test our Star Trek knowledge we only half listened to the instructions but were able to proceed easily despite our inattention. It’s a pretty simple game to pick up and you can easily modify it to suit your group’s trivia knowledge level. Speaking of how much you know, this is definitely for the Trek fan. You have to have a pretty wide exposure to all of the series to advance quickly with this game. Notice I say “exposure”. Not all of the questions are for the obscure trivia aficionado. The game makes a fair attempt to appeal to all levels of Trek fans but still manages to stump even the avid.

Game play is pretty basic…put ship on board, roll dice, answer question, advance piece. The game suggests that a player keep advancing until they answer a question wrong. After the first person who rolled made it three quarters of the way around the board before the next person took their turn, we amended that rule. We decided to only advance the number of spaces that we rolled if we got the question right, and then move to the next person’s turn. This seemed to make the game play a little more even handed, and made the total game take longer than 10 minutes.

Scene It? Game Play Menu

Depending on a roll of the dice, there are several delivery methods for the questions. There is your standard trivia card method, and then the many different DVD based methods. Here's a brief rundown of the different options both card and DVD based.

Card Options

  1. United Federation of Planets - answer questions about aliens, ships, planets and more
  2. Stardate - answer a question about events in the Star Trek universe
  3. IDIC - answer a question about the world of pop culture surrounding Star Trek
  4. Prime Directive - Select a card and move your player piece as directed

DVD Options

  1. My Play - single player answers the question that follows
  2. All Play - all players, be the first to answer the question that follow
  3. All Play to Win - once in the indicated area on the board the player answers a question for a chance to win the game
  4. Final Frontier - if the all play to win question is answered incorrectly, the play must move into the final frontier area on the board.  Then the player must answer a series of questions to win
  5. Tiebreakers - if two players shout out an answer to an all play question at the same time they each must then use the DVD remote and try and destroy a decloaking Romulan Warbird

Testing your trivia prowess in front of your friends and obliterating them in an “All Play” round is awesome. There are several different types of questions asked in all play including Captain's log (naming the episode based on an audio playback of the episode's Captain's Log), Name the character (series of facts are given about a certain character and you guess the answers), Identify the sound (a certain sound is played from the Star Trek universe and you guess what it is), sensor readings (an image of a ship is slowly revealed) and much more.   We all had so much fun with the competition that at one point I heard someone shout out, “Aft torpedo tubes, fire!” as they advanced their piece. As you approach the winning circle…or the Final Frontier… make sure and follow the directions. The winner is in for a treat…as long as the DVD knows you won, that is.

All in all this is a very fun game, I definitely recommend buying a copy. Not only do you have the genuine entertainment of the game play, but let’s face it, you also get to show off your studly Star Trek trivia knowledge and impress all the single gals at the party.

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