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Trek Culture Movie Review: Chase Masterson In "Yesterday Was A Lie"

While we were at this year’s Vegas Khaaan!! we received a copy of “Yesterday Was a Lie” (featuring Deep Space Nine’s own Chase Masterson) to watch, enjoy, and review. We recently sat down and watched it (twice) and thought you might like to read about it.

It’s a psychological mystery/thriller in the style of the best film noir detective movies of the 1940’s. Written and directed by James Kerwin and starring Kipleigh Brown (Enterprise), Chase Masterson (DS9), John Newton, and Mik Scriba, this movie takes you on a stunning ride through fog filled alleys and moonlit city streets that will have you questioning reality at every turn.

Yesterday Was A Lie

We follow Hoyle, a tough detective with a lot of moxie, as she pursues a shadowy figure from her past and a mysterious notebook that may hold the key to her future. In her search she relies on the secure down to earth help of her business partner (and friend) and encounters a nightclub singer whose ethereal advice and insights prove invaluable to her quest. With the help of these two opposites she follows clues that begin to unveil the mystery of time, perception and true love.

I hesitate to say much more about the plot of this movie for fear of revealing too much. For us, the key to unraveling all of its mysteries and appreciating all of the clues was to watch it at least twice. As with other movies like “The 6th Sense” and “Memento”, “Yesterday Was a Lie” is filled with so many hidden clues, details and visual indicators that watching it again, not only opens your understanding even further but proves to be a very entertaining “mini game”.

As to the overall look and feel of the movie…it was gorgeous. The use of black and white was stunning. It not only added to the film noir feel, but was yet another window into Hoyle’s character. Each scene was lit and framed in such a way that you felt like you were watching a series of moving works of art. The actors completely pull off the drama associated with this genre of films while retaining the believability and sincerity that modern audiences need. These, along with a wonderful music score that runs throughout the film, make this a science fiction film you won’t want to miss. We thoroughly enjoyed “Yesterday Was a Lie” and look forward to seeing more from this talented writer/director.

"Yesterday Was A Lie" is available now on DVD. Order your copy here from

Check out the "Yesterday Was A Lie" trailer below.

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