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'Star Trek' Soundtrack Review

'Star Trek' Soundtrack ReviewSTAR TREK Music by Michael Giacchino
Review by Adam Cohen

From the opening of Michael Giacchino's score, "Star Trek" reveals itself to be a bombastic musical journey. 

As many of you already know "Star Trek" tells the story of the original crew's beginnings, depicting the coming together of James Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and the other classic heroes of the Starship Enterprise.  And with a 43-year history, "Star Trek" has a lot of reference material- including its music.

Captain Pyke Reviews New 'Star Trek' Toys - Part 2

Captain Pyke Reviews New 'Star Trek' Toys - Part 2...part 1 available here.

In part 2 of my toy exploits, I will be covering the new 'Star Trek' action figures and playsets.  With all the madness and hype surrounding the new film I was surprised to see such a small display at my local target. 

Captain Pyke Reviews New 'Star Trek' Toys - Part 1

Captain Pyke Reviews New 'Star Trek' Toys - Part 1If you're like me, you woke up this morning with one thing on your mind. Where are the new 'Star Trek' toys and how do I procure them. Flying out of the house with credit card in hand, I headed down the street to my local Target. Sure enough there in the toy section sat the brand new 'Star Trek' phasers, action-figures, playsets, and the like. I quickly grabbed all that I could, looking over my shoulder periodically like a dog protecting it's bowl. I stuffed everything in my cart and to the check out I ran. 

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art