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Saul Rubinek

Data & Kivas Fajo Reunite... Well Sorta... Brent Spiner To Appear In Warehouse 13

Data & Kivas Fajo Reunite... Well Sorta. Brent Spiner To Appear In Warehouse 13

For all of the Warehouse 13 fans out there, our favorite android, Brent Spiner, will be joining Saul Rubinek & cast in a multi-episode arc. We're just stoked to see Data & Kivas Fajo interact once again on the small screen... Kinda sorta. Brent will playing Brother Adrian, leader of an intensely secretive sect The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Black Diamond. Apparently the sect descended from the Knights Templar and has loose ties to the Vatican.

Brent Spiner, Tim Russ, & Robert Picardo At MegaCon 2012 Next Month

Brent Spiner, Tim Russ, & Robert Picardo At MegaCon 2012 Next Month

If you're in the Orlando, Florida area on the weekend of February 17th through February 19th, be sure to swing by the Orange County Convention Center for this year's MegaCon. It's shaping up to have a fantastic Trek lineup with Brent Spiner, Tim Russ, & Robert Picardo. We haven't made it down to Orlando for MegaCon, but we've heard good things. It would definitely be a worth while trip to check out. Not only do they have an awesome Trek lineup, but you can also see Stars from Buffy, Stargate, Babylon 5, & much more.

Star Trek: Enterprise's Scott Bakula Makes UK Stage Debut In "Terrible Advice"

While we slowly recover from what seems to be the Cardassian Flu, we stumbled across a bit of news for Scott Bakula fans in the UK. It seems he's making his UK stage debut in the world premiere of Saul Rubinek’s Terrible Advice. The new play will make it's stage premiere at London's Menier Chocolate Factory on September 22nd. Directed by the legendary Frank Oz (uh huh, that Frank Oz), the play is described as dark, dirty & dangerous.

Set for a limited run from September 22nd to November 12th, Terrible Advice is written by Saul Rubinek another Trek alum. You'll remember Saul as Kivas Fajo from the TNG episode "The Most Toys", one of our favorites. I guess Kivas is adding one starship captain to his collection. If we were in the UK, this would be on our calendars. Tickets start at £29.50 (£25.00 during previews) and you can find more info & synopsis below.

Terrible Advice Synopsis:
Stanley (Stinky to his friends) and Jake are best friends. Hedda and Delila are best friends. Jake loves Hedda; Stinky loves Delila. Stinky plans to marry Delila...until Jake shares some secrets and then gives him some advice... (source)

Anaheim Comic Con & Trek Stars-a-plenty

Anaheim Comic Con & Trek Stars-a-plenty

Okay, so, I'm not sure how we missed this, but there's a huge Comic Con in Anaheim, CA. set for April 16th - 18th with a virtual galaxy class starship full of Star Trek stars.  The convention is to be held at the Anaheim Convention Center and has over 150 guests planned for the event.   Let's just put it this way, William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Cirroc Lofton, Garrett Wang, and TONY TODD are going to be on hand.  Why is Tony Todd in all caps?  'Cause it's flippin' Kurn man!  If we still lived in So Cal, we'd be all up in that con for sure.

Thanks to @TrekGuy62 for hooking us up with the info!  Follow him! (That sounded alot like a commandement)

Check out the full list of Trek Stars Below. (in order of listing on the website, not awesomeness.)

William Shatner
Nicole de Boer
Brent Spiner
LeVar Burton
Yvonne Craig  (oh, and she's catwoman btw)
Michael Dorn
Bob Gunton  (None other than Captain Benjamin Maxwell, he hates spoonheads)
Richard Herd  (Admiral Paris)
Cirroc Lofton
Nichelle Nichols
Saul Rubinek  (Kivas Fajo)
Morgan Sheppard  (Ya know, they guy who runs Rura Penthe)
Malachi Throne  (Commodore Jose Mendez, he tried to get Spock court marshaled)
Tony Todd  (KURN!!!)
Garrett Wang

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