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Trek Culture

Warp 11 Plays Macworld Expo - With Video

Warp 11 Plays Macworld Expo With Video

Last week we reported that LeVar Burton made an appearance at the Macworld "Feature Presentation" in San Francisco.  Well, Geordi wasn't the only special guest with Star Trek cred.  The ever rockin' Warp 11 Spocked out during the Macworld Live presentation on February 12th.

Klingons Would Definitely Be Early Metallica Fans

Klingons Would Definitley Be Early Metalica Fans

Imagine if you will, a bird of prey on the hunt during the Dominion war.  Slowly stalking it's target, a Jem'hadar fighter. The Klingons uncloak and hit full impulse next to a red giant.  Focused solely on their prey, the great warriors inadvertently slingshot around the star and are sent back to the late 20th century.

Picking up distant radio waves, the communications officer pipes the transmission ship-wide.  The Klingons are intrigued by the most honorable and battle worthy anthem.  It's Metallica's "Shortest Straw" from "And Justice For All".

Crewman Becky's Thoughts On The Universal Translator

Crewman Becky's Thoughts On The Universal Translator

Hi corporeal beings! Crewman Becky here. Have you ever noticed how the universal translator seems to know (on its own) when the speaker wants the listener(s) to hear what they are saying in the speaker’s original language? I’ve been using this thing my whole life and then the other day it dawns on me, “hey wait a minute, why isn’t Qapla’ translated into English for me?” I mean really, it’s totally a translatable word, but for some reason I still hear it as Qapla’.

Youtube Video Round-up: Star Trek Borg Edition

Youtube Video Round-up: Star Trek Borg Edition

We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. That statement alone is enough to give any space ferrying, warp capable civilization a case of the interstellar runs. We as the audience though, love every second of the space zombie madness.

Trek Fan Boldly Goes To Jail For Fighting (In His Uniform)

Trek Fan Boldly Goes To Jail For Fighting (In His Uniform)

While surfing the interwebs, I ran across an article written by Bruce Mckean of the  It seems a fellow Trek Fan got into a bit of trouble for fighting in the town square of Mackay, in Queensland Australia.  Apparently fan Nathan Lewis had been out all night with his other Trek friends and had taken some guff for wearing his uniform out on the town.  From what I can gather, he apparently gave his antagonist a few punches and possibly a Kirk style two-legged jump kick before police intervened.

Fan Exhibits Trek Memorabilia Collection At Oklahoma Library

Fan Exhibits Trek Memorabilia Collection At Oklahoma Library

Oklahoma Trek Fan Butch Roberts is putting his entire Trek memorabilia collection on display at his local library.  This is exactly the kind of stuff we love.  A local fan sharing his love for Trek with his community.

"I’ve always been into the whole ‘Star Trek’ phenomenon,” Roberts said. "This is something I genuinely enjoy doing.”

Virgin Galactic Names SpaceShipTwo; VSS Enterprise

Virgin Galactic Names Space Ship Two; VSS Enterprise

The first manned commercial spaceship was unveiled today in the Mojave Desert.  Virgin Galactic and it's founder Richard Branson also revealed another surprise by naming the ship (VSS) Enterprise.  We definitely let out a nerd squeal for that one!  Now, we don't know for sure if Branson is a Trek Fan or not, but we like to imagine him onboard his pimped-out Airbus A380 (with custom 24" wheels), watching Next Gen episodes and reciting lines with dialog.  Or, maybe he owns a private island, that he somehow shaped into a delta shield.  It could happen!

**Update**  Branson is a fan, check out what Wikipedia has to say about it.

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