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LeVar Burton Stops By The Macworld "Feature Presentation"

LeVar Burton Stops By The Macworld "Feature Presentation"

Every year about this time Mac users flock to their version of Mecca known as Macworld. Up until a few years ago, this was a huge event for Apple to release new products and Steve Jobs to speak at the "Feature Presentation", otherwise known as a keynote. Since Apple's Macworld departure,New York Times  personal technology columnist David Pogue was responsible for said feature.

Well, I guess Mr. Pogue needed a little help and enlisted a Starfleet Chief Engineer to liven things up. LeVar Burton made a suprise visit and even played a part in a makeshift play, written by Pogue, about Steve Jobs ousting from apple 13 years ago. After the play, LeVar talked a bit about Trek and his love for Technology. Ars Technica covered the event and gave us a little insight into LeVar's thoughts.

"I'm always happy to talk about Star Trek, even though I am not an engineer," Burton said—and his new production company. As a bit of side news, Burton mentioned that his company was planning to bring Reading Rainbow back in Internet form later this year (it had been discontinued by PBS in 2006). Burton mentioned that he would never give up his iPhone but that he was experimenting with a Nexus One, and unintentionally scolded the quickly frothing Apple crowd by saying that while he will always be a Mac enthusiast, "I've also got my eyes open." (source Ars Technica)

There's even a Youtube video of the event. Check it out below.

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