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'Star Trek' On The Cover Of Newsweek's May Issue

'Star Trek' On Cover Of Newsweek May IssueNewsweek has released a preview of it's May issue containing a Enterprise clad cover and articles featuring our favorite sci-fi series.  We've put together a brief overview and links to the articles already available on

We’re All Trekkies Now - 'Star Trek' is way cool. How'd that happen? Because the geeks have inherited the earth, and the White House.

On a February weekend in 1974, when I was 11 years old, I went to the happiest wake I've ever attended. It was called the International Star Trek Convention. Held in a bunch of overcrowded ballrooms in New York City's Americana Hotel, where anxious fire marshals kept interrupting the festivities to clear the aisles, it was a charming, amateurish, collegial celebration—one of the earliest in what became a torrent of Trek conventions over the next few years. I went with my older brother and my dad, and what had brought us and 10,000 others together at five bucks a head was the beautiful corpse of a great TV show that had been off the air for nearly five years. We went to screenings of favorite episodes, watched a parade of people dressed up as "Trek" characters and sat rapt at reminiscences delivered by some of the show's cast, including a surprise visit from Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy. (source

Famous Life Forms on 'Star Trek' - Rockers & royalty amond the shows alumni

Photos series with some fo the famous faces that have graced Star Trek over the years. (source

Vulcans Never, Ever Smile - A former 'Trek' writer spills some secrets, including the one about how the franchise survived for so long.

Some people invent a machine. Others create a machine for invention. To me, the success of the "Star Trek" franchise is based not on an irresistible world or set of characters, but upon its "corporate culture," a culture of imagination.  (source

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art