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New Star Trek Poster Release From Bye Bye, Robot…6 Star Trek Movie Lithographs!

We’re super stoked to announce the launch of Bye Bye, Robot’s newest prints. Six new TOS lithographs!

These new posters, by artist Matt Ferguson, are inspired by all of The Original Series movies, and every one is a unique visual representation of the story told within the films.

Groupon Deal Vegas Khhaaan! Discounted Day Pass

Hey Kids, looks like there's a Groupon deal that allows you to buy a single day pass to Creation Entertainment's Star Trek Las Vegas Convention at half off.  You have the choice of any of the four days starting Thursday, August 8th for $17.50.  Friday is also $17.50 with Saturday and Sunday for $20 each.  The downside is that you can only get one day at the discounted rate.  You have the option of buying two additional days as gifts.  If you're going for just one day or you have a group of 4 buddies that can buy each other "gift" days, it could be a good deal (that may or may not work...your mileage may vary).

Trek Culture Book Review: Q-IN-LAW

The thing I love most about Star Trek is the stories it inspires in my mind. Each episode is the doorway into new story possibilities in the Star Trek universe, so I am exploring the stories that Star Trek has inspired in other people’s minds looking for deeper explorations of themes and characters.

I chose Q-In-Law as my 2nd “mission" because it featured two of my favorite comedic characters, Lwaxana Troi and Q. The hilarity that my mind conjured for such an encounter convinced me that this book had to be the TNG book that I read first.

There's Still Time To Participate With 'Experience The Enterprise' But Hurry, It's Going Fast

MAKE IT SO!!! Be part of this great effort!! There's still a little time to get in on the fun. Bring the bridge of the Enterprise-D to Vegas. Who knows...maybe traveling to Vegas will be just the thing it needs to get traveling time maybe even to your neck of the galaxy woods.

Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Release In September And Digital Release In August

That's right, the ubiquitous "they" have announced that Star Trek Into Darkness will be released on Blu-ray on September 10th (2013) and the digital release even sooner on August 20th (2013).

I guess that means that we have the end of our summer planned out perfectly. We're gonna watch it over, and over, and over, and over, get the idea.

Trek Culture Book Review: Uhura's Song

How I picked this book

It started with the title. I don’t think anyone who has watched The Original Series can forget the moment in “Charlie X" when Uhura is singing in the rec room while accompanied by Spock on the Vulcan lyrette. Her voice and songs are a reminder of beauty in an environment built for functionality and protocol. Combined with the promise of cat-people1 I knew that this was the novel for me.

Help Bring Star Trek's Enterprise-D Bridge To Creation's Vegas Convention In August

Help Bring Star Trek's Enterprise-D Bridge To Creation's Vegas Convention In August

As you well know (...anyway...I'm assuming you do...after all, your only source of online info & entertainment is us, right?... right?!?) Subspace Communique reported on the Enterprise Bridge Restoration Project back in February 2013 on “Life After Trek.” Well, much has happened since then, and now, Trek Radio is teaming up with Huston Huddleston’s New Starship to bring the iconic Enterprise-D bridge to Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Las Vegas convention this August. This is your chance to help bring this cool memorabilia to the Rio where you'll actually be able to sit in one of the bridge chairs, and bark, "Make it so!" or shout, "FIRE!" Don't miss out on making this dream a reality!

"Star Trek Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library" By Larry Nemecek

Larry Nemecek has been busy and now we get our first glimpse of what all that hard work was about. His new book Star Trek Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library
is up on Amazon available for pre-order with a release date of December 3rd, 2013.

Brand New Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & Star Trek: The Original Series Posters From Bye Bye, Robot

Our sister site,, just launched two fantastic new posters by artists Jeff Foster & Drew Johnson. In its first ever Star Trek: Deep Space Nine release, The Robot procured an impressionist style rendition of the beloved station. "Before it was DS9, it was Terok Nor" is the tagline for Jeff Foster's "Terok Nor" poster which features the station on a space field background with a subtle hint of the celestial temple.

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