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Watch The "Star Trek Continues" Webseries. Available Now!

Watch The "Star Trek Continues" Webseries. Available Now!

Like most of you, I have daydreamed and wished for new Star Trek TV episodes to fill my imagination with exciting adventures of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise. Well, it seems that we may now get that opportunity with the webseries, Star Trek Continues.

New Star Trek Online Captain's Log For Your Gaming Pleasure

Terrilynn Shull is back with this week's installment of Captain's Log for

There's lots going on in Star Trek Online's cyberquadrantsspace. With most of the press buzz about the game still revolving around the recent Romulan expansion, Terrilyn takes this week to talk about that and everything else going on in STO.

From the introduction of a new portal platform:

New Starfleet Escape Podcast Episode Features "Star Trek Continues" & More

Welcome to the Starfleet Escape PodCast! A bi-weekly escape into the Star Trek Universe. In this week’s episode we examine the new adventures of the Enterprise crew in “Star Trek Continues.” Star Trek Continues is a new fan production that we are very excited about which debuted during this year's Phoenix Comicon.

Star Trek Xbox Live Avatar Collection Now Available

I like to personalize the stuff I use on a regular basis, to add a little touch of personality to my everyday life. Embroider my name in my gym socks. Carry a vintage Star Trek metal lunch box to work. Blow my nose in a purple checkered monogrammed hankie. So when it comes to my gaming choices, I’m no different. I don’t go with the mundane…I make it my own. With that being said, one thing you already know is that I love sci-fi in general. Because of that, I currently have my Xbox Live Avatar decked out in a certain “scruffy looking smuggler” outfit from another “Starchise”. Come on…no flack…it was the only thing available for what seemed like ever.

Hey Let's Star Trek Into Darkness! [SPOILERS]

In order to understand Hey Let's Star Trek! into Dahhhkness, our dear readers may need just a little bit of back story.  Hey Star Trek! was a Star Trek and Media blog that started a long time ago in the city of Las Vegas and it was the blog over at

Star Trek Name vs. Ikea Name...Can You Tell The Difference?

Star Trek Name vs. Ikea Name...Can You Tell The Difference?

Here's a funny clip from EPIX's time spent with the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness. They decided to see if they could stump the actors by giving them two names and then seeing if they could correctly identify which was the Star Trek character name, and which was the IKEA product name.

QMx Launches New "Screen-Authentic" Star Trek Into Darkness Products

QMx Launches New Scree-Authentic Star Trek Into Darkness products

The fine folks at Quantam Mechanix just released a bevy of new Star Trek Into Darkness screen authentic replicas. In fact, if you've seen Into Darkness, then you've also seen the new replicas. QMx worked closely with Paramount and Bad Robot to provide the screen used phasers, newly designed Starfleet Academy class ring, uniform badges, and the History of Starflight model collection seen in Admiral Marcus' office. Anyone else see Peter Weller walk past the NX-01? I nearly shouted in the movie theater.

The Art of Boldly Going Where Trek Has Gone Before: Why STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Succeeds at Reopening Old Wounds [SPOILERS]

The Art of Boldly Going Where Trek Has Gone Before: Why STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Succeeds at Reopening Old Wounds


About three weeks before STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (STID) was released in the U.S., I shamelessly tracked down posts on Trek message boards for any single spoiler review following the initial press screenings. I wanted to know the truth behind everything: John Harrison, whether the Enterprise is destroyed and what about those pesky Klingons?

I got a lot more than I expected from a couple of reviews that gave excruciatingly detailed scene-by-scene breakdowns of the entire film. As I scanned the posts, my eyes began to widen at the most unbelievable (and at the time unforgiveable) revelations: Kirk dies saving the Enterprise, the death scene from THE WRATH OF KHAN (TWOK) is reversed and Spock screams Khan. I declared this movie a complete failure in that moment.

I kept this knowledge to myself among my friends. I was committed to see this disaster regardless of what I had read; I purchased my advance tickets in February, I never missed a STAR TREK movie in the theaters since I was old enough to decide I wanted to see STAR TREK (for the record, STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK rocked my seven year-old brain).  I gave up hope for this film and I had negative expectations going in.

Star Trek: The Middle School Musical

Is the world getting you down lately? We found a little something that may brighten your day. How about a good old fashioned "school play"...that just happens to be Star Trek based? This TOS themed winner has all the important stuff you could want. Awesomely-created/hyper-real special effects and props, terrifying enemies, exciting fight sequences, and tug-on-your-heart-strings character development. Ok...maybe my perspective is a little skewed, but I'm all about enjoying things to the fullest these days. And, I have to admit...if school plays, in real life, were this good when I was a kid, I would've never played hooky during tryouts.

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