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Hey Kids, Get Ready For First Contact In Exactly 50 Years. Happy First Contact Day!

It's that time of year again, where Star Trek fans join together to celebrate the future meeting of Humans and Vulcans in a small town in Montana. Exactly 50 years from today, after performing his first warp flight, Zephram Cochrane will get a visit from pointed eared aliens that will change the course of history for the galaxy...forever.

Star Trek: Enterprise Captain Scott Bakula Talks Reunion?

We’ve loved Scott Bakula since (at least) his time on Quantum Leap and then even more so on Enterprise, so when we came across a great interview with him by Hero Complex, LA Times we had to tell you guys about it.

William Shatner Helps The Texas Lottery Launch The Official Star Trek Scratch Off Game

As we reported in February, William Shatner was on hand in Dallas to help kick off the Texas Lottery's official Star Trek scratch off game. The Shat helped draw 560 plus Trek fans in costume for a Guinness World Record attempt and drawings for thousands of dollars in prizes.

YouTube Find: Star Trek Voyager Documentary (Original Air Date Jan 14th, 1995)

Here's a bit of nostalgia for you. I recently stumbled upon a documentary on Youtube called Star Trek Voyager - Inside the New Adventure. The documentary was originally released on January 14th, 1995 on the fledgling UPN network just two days before the premiere of Janeway and her crew. Hosted by Robert Picardo, the hour long (42 mins sans commercials) video showcases what new viewers could expect from the next installment of the Trek franchise.

Join Other Trek Fans In The "Space Seed" Live Trek Tweet Event April 7th

Join Other Trek Fans In the "Space Seed" Live Trek Tweet Event April 7th

We recently got word of a pretty cool Trek event that's happening On April 7th (4/7, get it?). Let's put it this way; it involves Khan, the Enterprise, the SS Botany Bay and as many Trek fans as twitter and the interwebs can hold. That's right kids, is launching a "Space Seed" tweet event that lets fans get together and talk about a specific episode all in real time. Has All Star Trek (TV), All Day, Every Day...Till The End Of The Month Has All Star Trek, All Day, Every Day...Till The End Of The Month

If you have already heard about Hulu’s Free Star Trek Week, then you won’t see this article because you’ve been on your couch since the announcement watching it…like we have…and are not diligently checking your interwebs. But…if you haven’t heard about it, then listen up! Go grab some munchies, adjust your favorite recliner, and be prepared to enjoy non-stop Star Trek till the end of the month!!! (it deserved triple exclamation points, fer-sure)

Hulu is offering everyone free access to all Star Trek shows, in honor of The Shat’s birthday.

You can watch your favorite series, or your favorite episodes…but if you’ve never watched (or hardly watched) Star Trek before and are overwhelmed about where to start, check out this list of excellent episodes. It pretty much hits it right on the nose with the suggestions.

IRS Creates Terrible Star Trek Parody And Gets It All Wrong

In a fit of "this is probably a bad idea, but we're going to spend the money anyway" the Internal Revenue Service created a poorly executed training video that parodies a certain scifi series that starts with the word "Star" and ends with "Trek". CBS News gained access to the video through the Freedom of Information Act after the IRS earlier refused to turn over a copy to the congressional committee that oversees tax issues: House Ways and Means.

New Star Trek Into Darkness Empire Magazine Cover, International Trailer, And Fanmade Lego Version

Empire magazine just released photos of its May issue cover featuring Star Trek Into Darkness cast and crew. In a first ever three page fold-out cover, the magazine features the main crew of the J.J.-prise with Alice Eve, Benedict Cumberbatch, and the director himself parked in the captain's chair. The magazine will be available March 28th and will feature a full 75 pages about J.J. and his "Star" franchises. You can get your copy from newsstands everywhere, online, or via your mobile devices. Any news on Khan, Klingons, or Robocop? Not yet, but we'll keep you posted.

Trekoff Podcast Making A Documentary About Star Trek Fanfilms And More

Trekoff Podcast Making A Documentary About Star Trek Fanfilms And More

Here’s a fun project we know you’re going to like, a fan film about fan films…and so much more. Trekoff: The Motion Picture is a documentary, being made by the Trekoff Podcast, which is all about Star Trek fans who create more Trek culture (a concept we just happen to be familiar with, ourselves). These guys are interviewing, filming, and participating in Star Trek based podcasts, blogs, fan fiction, conventions, etc… all over the country.

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