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New Star Trek Online Captain's Log For Your Gaming Pleasure

Terrilynn Shull is back with this week's installment of Captain's Log for

There's lots going on in Star Trek Online's cyberquadrantsspace. With most of the press buzz about the game still revolving around the recent Romulan expansion, Terrilyn takes this week to talk about that and everything else going on in STO.

From the introduction of a new portal platform:

Last week STO announced that its parent company and publisher, Perfect World Entertainment, will be introducing a new multiple-game platform program for all of its games including STO. The program, called Arc, will allow players to access and player all PWE games from a single portal, similar to that of Steam and Raptr, but it will have less functionality and will focus only on the PWE-owned properties.

To the excellent options available in gameplay:

With the launch of Legacy of Romulus, players now have even more options on what species and story they would like to experience. While Foundry authors have lots of choices on the types of missions they can create, there are still many options authors are clamoring for. Yet until recently, there haven't been many alternatives on how a player can obtain certain types of marks.

All that awesomeness is just a hint at the goodies that can be found inside the most recent Captain's Log.

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