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Life After Trek Podcast Episode 12 "The Con of Wrath" Special, Featuring Larry Nemecek

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 12 "The Con of Wrath" Special Featuring Larry Nemecek

We’re pleased to announce the twelfth episode of our “Life After Trek” podcast, "The Con of Wrath" special, featuring Larry Nemecek. As many of you may now know, Larry Announced a brand new and exciting documentary project called "The Con of Wrath".  The documentary chronicles the doomed "Ultimate Fantasy '82" convention held in Houston, Texas shortly after the release of "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".  And... to learn more, you'll simply have to listen to the episode.  Sorry, thems the breaks.  Seriously though, Larry does a much better jobs of explaining the premise than we can.  

Not only do we discuss "The Con of Wrath", but we talk with Larry about the current state of fandom history as well as my unfortunate incident with an LP version of the ST:TMP soundtrack.  

Be sure to download this episode, below, to get an awesome primer and insight into "The Con of Wrath" from the man himself, Larry Nemecek.



Check out the official "The Con of Wrath" website here.  As well as Larry's and

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