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Subspace Communique: 2009 - 2018?

I started Subspace Communique during a brief period of unemployment back in 2009, but its roots go back to a design project from 2007. It was a pure labor of love for several years and has produced many great experiences, interesting stories (maybe some of them written here), and awesome friendships. We managed to sneak our way into Trekdom, make a little bit of noise, and then sneak our way back out.

For 5 years straight, Subspace Comms delivered Trek Culture daily and then, in 2014, everything went to a slow crawl and finally a full stop. What can I say: Life got in the way. From 2014 through the end of 2018 this site was essentially frozen in time. Then, around Christmas time 2018, an insane video from William “Sir Billiam” Shatner appeared on my radar and I had to write one last article.

Fast forward to mid 2021, with the world in turmoil, I wanted to return to SSC to relive better times. When I pointed my web browser to the correct address, what was served was a literal blank page. Like the planet killer from “The Doomsday Machine", our unattended CMS seemingly ate the entire site. Thankfully, I had a static backup that I’d created just a few months earlier.

So what you see now is just that; a static site that mostly works. Some areas will return 404s, but the majority of articles live on. Over the next few months, I’ll be working to resolve some of the errors, but my goal is to leave this site as an archive of our passion for everything Trek from 2009 - 2014… 2018? We’ll call it 2018. It’s been a wild ride. Thanks for coming along.

Live long and prosper,

Captain Pyke


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