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Path To 2409 Update: 2386 Supplemental

Path To 2409 Update: 2386 SupplementalStar Trek Online has updated it's on-going 'Path to 2409' storyline. In this installment ,'2386 Supplemental', We get a first hand account of the Klingon attack on the Gorn held Gila IV. The story is told in an interview format with David Steiner a former Starfleet conn officer and dominion war veteran. David was selling cargo on Gila IV when the Klingons Attacked.

'I don't deal in weapons, but the Ferengi are right – war is good for business. I managed to get my hands on a full load of verterium cortenide, and I knew the Gorn would pay a premium for it. Gila IV was the closest Gorn colony to my usual route.' Steiner Explains.

Read the full story here.

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