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New Blog Post from Star Trek: The Experience's Jerad Formby

New Blog Post from Star Trek: The Experience's Jerad FormbyJerad Formby, Coin (Quan) from Star Trek: The Experience, posts another fantastic blog post at Entitled 'CHOO WANT CONSISTENT!?', Jerad explorers consistency in the Star Trek universe and gauges fans reactions to it.

This new movie will be taking place before any story we have so far seen with Captain Kirk, so it’s being attacked and panned by the Trek purists because they’re afraid that their precious, golden, sacred, continuity will be ignored in favor of “dumbing down” Star Trek or “making Star Trek into something it’s not.”

They guard their continuity with razor sharp teeth and forked tongues. These fans respond like potbelly pigs with their belly rubbed when continuity is respected. They cry foul and throw tantrums when it is not.

What makes me laugh is that continuity has often been ignored or tossed out the window when it comes to telling stories in Trek. The 40 year tapestry of Trek has any number of continuity violations. Often continuity whores will ignore these infractions and will still take J.J. Abrams and his film to task.

The post contains some very interesting and insightful points and is a must read for any trek fan waiting nerviously or anxiously for the new J.J. Abrams film.

Read the full article here

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