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TOS Communicator VoIP Device

TOS Communicator VOIP DeviceAs reported on Everything USB, A new VoIP USB TOS communicator (set phasers to acronyms) is in the works. Scheduled for launch this month, the device will support VoIP / Skype and include TOS sound bites.

Dream Cheeky is set to roll out a new VoIP/Skype phone in April that should have every Trekkie on the planet drooling. Heralded at CES, the USB speakerphone is a dead ringer (ha!) for a classic Star Trek Communicator loaded with audio features. While this Federation approved replica won't promise you any booty calls with Orion slave girls it will help you send and receive VoIP calls with ease. Compatible with Window XP, Vista and Tiger or above, it features an independent USB sound controller with speakerphone and mic that can have audio routed to and from it at will.

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