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Starlog Magazine Ceases Print Production

Starlog Magazine Ceases Print ProductionSince 1976 Starlog magazine has covered the Scifi universe. After 33 years and 374 issues the magazine is scheduled to cease production.

As reported on Comix 411, Starlog is moving to the internet temporarly.

Like so many other magazines, it has ceased to be and is moving to the internets, temporarily they say, though permanently is more like it. It’s a tough climate for print, though I hear trees have never been happier.

Starlog, the magazine, was an invaluable part of my sci-fi experience, never hyper-serious and certainly not snarky about its subjects. The magazine had a knack for landing fascinating interviews and features (on sci-fi old and new), running lots of great photos as well as a book review section and some very funny cartoons. For a lover of Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Star Wars and Planet of the Apes, Starlog was a goldmine, a pre-Google oasis of sci-fi history. I also looked forward to editor McDonnell’s first-person editorials that always had a great deal of wit and charm.

Read the full article here.

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