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John Cho Talks About Sulu and Trek

John Cho Talks About Sulu and TrekAs reported on Hollywood Today, John Cho (Sulu) was concerned that some Japanese-Americans might take issue with the fact that Sulu was being played by a Korean-American as opposed to a Japanese-American.  So, he took the issue to George Takei.

“He informed me that Gene Roddenberry, the creator of “Star Trek,” actually meant for Sulu to represent multiple Asian countries. The Sulu Sea is what his character is named after. And it touches many Asian countries. He didn’t want Sulu to be Japanese-American he wanted him to represent a part of the world that he wanted on the bridge of the Enterprise.” Cho Explains.

Cho speaks further about 'Star Trek', what it's like to work with J.J. Abrams, and his goals in Hollywood.

Read the full article here.

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