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Star Trek: The Experience

15 Years Ago Today, Star Trek: The Experience Opened To The Public

15 Years Ago Today, Star Trek: The Experience Opened It's Transporters

Just like yesterday's article, we have another anniversary to celebrate--though this one is a little more bittersweet. Fifteen years ago today, Star Trek: The Experience opened to the world at the Las Vegas Hilton. To many Trekfans, this was a home away from home. I can dearly attest to that because the times I graced the bar at Quark's, I felt like I had stepped into The Nexus. And just like The Nexus, I didn't want to leave. As many of you know, The Experience featured a full motion ride called Klingon Encounter, a replica of Quark's bar, the promenade from DS9, various shops and meeting spaces, and later Borg 4D.

Star Trek: The Re-Experience. Commander Tahryn Is Drawn Back To The 21st Century... And She's Not Happy.

If you've been to this site before, you know that we bemoan the closing of Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. Like so many of you, we pine for the day of it's return. In the meantime, it seems a certain Andorian has been brought back through the wormhole to 21st century Las Vegas. Well, the suburbs of Vegas and she's not thrilled about it. Star Trek: The Experience actor, and friend of Subspace Communique, April Hebert reprises her role as the vivacious and ultimately annoyed Commander Tahryn in this special video produced by fellow Star Trek: Experience actor and unofficial historian Vernon Wilmer.

According to the Star Trek: My Experience Facebook fan page; In this special video made just for the 2011 convention, Commander Tahryn is dragged back through the temporal rift by curious fans at a homemade "Star Trek The Experience" shrine and quizzed on the whereabouts of her alien colleagues. She's back, and she's pissed! Watch out pinkskins...

Star Trek DS9 "Looking for par'Mach..." Dax Klingon Costume Up For Bids on Ebay

Star Trek DS9 "Looking for par'Mach..." Dax Klingon Costume Up For Bids on Ebay

A bit of Trek history is up for auction on Ebay. The original Klingon opera costume worn by Terry Farrell in DS9's "Looking for par'Mach in all the Wrong Places" is available for bids. Not only was it screen worn by Terry Farrell, but the costume was purchased at the Christie's 40 Years of Star Trek auction by Lynn Sterling (Major Khalen) of Star Trek The Experience. Lynn wore the costume as Major Khalen on less than a dozen occasions, for Special Events at The Experience. Sure there was another made for the Lady Grilka character, but this one is special on two levels. Got a thousand clams? Here's your chance to start bidding on a DS9 & Star Trek: The Experience memento that is one-of-a-kind.

Start your bidding here.

Check out an image of the costume and the auction description below.

New Star Trek: My Experience Episode Promo Video Released


Star Trek: The Experience, oh how we long for thee. Going on two years now we've waited for your re-materialization, but alas it has yet to happen. For those of you out there that had the chance to visit The Experience, you know exactly what we're talking about. If not, imagine a place where everyone knows your name. No, not Cheers, but a place where being a Trek fan was whole heartedly embraced. That's exactly what ST:TE was like. It was home to the millions of Trek fans that crossed its threshold.

Bid To Save the Star Trek: The Experience Sign Makes The Evening News

Bid To Save the Star Trek: The Experience Sign Makes The Evening News

Star Trek: The Experience's unofficial historian and friend of Subspace Communique, Vernon Wilmer is fighting to have the ST:TE sign saved. As you may know, The Experience left the Las Vegas Hilton back in 2008 (we cried) and has yet to reborn in any other location. The Hilton also has yet to fill the giant hole left by The Experience, but still brandishes the iconic delta shield and ST:TE logo on the hotel's facade. That's where Vernon comes in, he's trying to get the ST:TE sign saved and preserved as a bit of Vegas history. A completely worthy and noble cause as far as were concerned. Las Vegas CBS affiliate KLAS featured Vernon & another friend of Subspace Comms, ST:TE's April Hebert on the evening news, covering the plight of ST:TE sign.

"My concern is that it's the last vestige of Star Trek, The Experience, of a beloved local landmark, and I think the sign should be preserved somehow," said Vernon. "I've tried suggesting to a number of organizations, 'See if you can grab that sign, preserve it,' and either the response is we're disinterested or our hands are tied," he said.

Remember Star Trek: The Experience With The Intergalactic Bartender

Remember Star Trek: The Experience With The Intergalactic Bartender

We've all pined away for Star Trek: The Experience to make its triumphant return. In fact, just like many of you out there, we hang on every bit of news that comes out of Vegas that might hint at ST:TE's emergence from its long slumber. Sure, we can't sit at Quark's bar and order food and drink, but we can do the next best thing. Make familiar drinks at home in out-of-this-world glassware.

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art