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Dean Stockwell

Scott Bakula, Jeri Ryan, Dean Stockwell, & More At Toronto Comic-Con In April

Scott Bakula, Jeri Ryan, & Dean Stockwell At Toronto Comic-Con In April

We've said it before and we'll say it again, Wizard World puts on a fantastic convention. With the likes of Scott Bakula & Jeri Ryan, it seems that their Toronto Comic-con will be no exception. That's right kiddies, April 14th-15th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, both Seven of Nine & Captain Archer will be in attendance. As an added bonus, for all you Quantum Leap fans, Dean Stockwell will also be in attendance. We're huge QL fans (not mention BSG) and would make the trip in a heartbeat to see Sam Beckett/Jonathan Archer & Al/Cylon John Cavil/Colonel Grat (bet you thought we forgot about Dean's appearance on Enterprise); oh and Seven of Nine too. Plus there are plenty of other stars, from various scifi series, that will be in attendance as well. Check the full press release below for all the details.

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