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New Star Trek Into Darkness Poster And What J.J. Gets Right

New Star Trek: Into Darkness Poster And What J.J. Gets Right

As some of you have probably seen, Paramount just released a brand new poster for Star Trek Into Darkness that features the iconic delta shield seemingly cut out of a destroyed building. I say building, it could be anything. One interesting thing to note, that someone pointed out on the net, is that you can clearly see the London Gherkin in the background. I'm not sure how much the poster tells us about the upcoming film, but it definitely is reminiscent of the poster for The Dark Knight Rises. That's not a bad thing, just not super original.

William Shatner's World Is Set To Collide With Austin In January At The Paramount

Shatner's World Is Heading To Austin At The Paramount Theater In January

The "world" tour of William Shatner's one man play Shatner's World: We Just Live In It is coming to our neck of the woods early next year with stops in Galveston, Orange, & San Antonio, January 6th, 7th, and 9th respectively. The Shat will end the Texan leg of his tour on January 10th at the Paramount Theater in Austin. Will we go? We'll see, but we wanted to share the news for any other Austinites that might want to see Sir Billiam on stage.

Just Saw TNG On The Big Screen And It Reminded Me Of How Good Star Trek Really Is

So, we just got back from the Fathom Events Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Celebration of Season 2 at our local theater (or movie house as the older folks call it) and had a total blast. The event featured "Q Who?" and "The Measure of a Man" episodes, plus a plethora of behind the scenes interviews and making-of docs. We also got a see a lengthy preview of the TNG 25th anniversary round table with the next gen cast from Calgary last April. It was really cool to watch the cast interacting with one another outside of a convention stage. They really do have a great chemistry. The event itself was a lot of fun, the picture quality and sound were remarkable. It's amazing what CBS has done to a 25 year-old show. Fathom also produced an excellent event with an interesting mixture of episodes and supplemental features.

Gary Mitchell, Anyone? Paramount Releases Star Trek: Into Darkness Synopsis

Remember how I said I didn't like spoilers... oh well. Paramount just released the synopsis for the upcoming J.J. Abrams helmed Trek sequel Star Trek: Into Darkness. From what I've read, it sounds like Benedict Cumberbatch IS NOT playing Landru, NOR The Horta, NOR The Doomsday Machine.  Yeah, yeah, bad grammar... No, in fact it sounds more like Gary Mitchell. You be the judge.

Cyber Monday FREE SHIPPING Starts Now For Bye Bye, Robot, Plus New Poster Release

Subspace Communique’s sister site, Bye Bye, Robot announces FREE SHIPPING on orders of 2 or more posters. In honor of Cyber Monday this sale starts NOW (noon Sunday the 25th), and runs through Monday. Act fast to take advantage of the free shipping.

Edward Furlong, Corin Nemec, & J.G. Hertzler Join Star Trek: Renegades Cast

Edward Furlong, Corin Nemec, & J.G. Hertzler Join Star Trek: Renegades Cast

With much fanfaire, and maybe a little help from our Tim Russ interview, Star Trek: Renegades has met it's initial $200,000 goal on Kickstarter and is shooting for stretch funding of $250,000. Even if the new goal isn't met, the new fan film is funded and with that good news we learn that new stars have been added to the already full roster.

Win Tickets To The TNG Season 2 Movie Theater Event Via Larry Nemecek's Trekland

Our good friend and Star Trek author Larry Nemecek is holding his first contest giveaway over at his site If you haven't checked out Trekland... stop what you're doing and head over there now. It's full of behind the scenes info for our favorite scifi series, plus Trek happenings from all around the country and the globe. Not only that, but now you can get a chance to win tickets to the upcoming TNG season 2 screening. All you have to do is live in or be near Boston, New York City, Orlando, Chicago, or Seattle, answer the Trekland trivia question, and follow the entry steps below.

Do it quick, the contest ends 6 p.m Eastern Time/ 3 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, Nov. 25!

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 22 Featuring Robert O'Reilly & JG Hertzler

We’re pleased to announce episode 22 of our “Life After Trek” podcast, featuring Robert O'Reilly & J.G. Hertzler. Many of you know them as Chancellor Gowron and General / Chancellor Martok. We would like to give a special thanks to the fine folks at Starbase Indy for hooking us up with this fantastic interview. If you're in the Indianapolis area, be sure to stop by this coming Thanksgiving weekend (November 23-25, 2012) and enjoy this fantastic fan run con. Both Bob & J.G. will be on hand in full Klingon regalia for a special panel, plus other (non-forhead ridged) events for the full run of the convention.

Star Trek: Voyager's Tim Russ Answers Questions About His New Project Star Trek: Renegades

By now, many of you have heard of the new Tim Russ helmed Trek project Star Trek: Renegades. If not, it's a brand new film brought to you by the same folks responsible for Star Trek: Of God's and Men that needs your help via Kickstarter. The new project features many Trek alumns including: Tim Russ reprising his role as Tuvok & directing the feature, Garrett Wang, Gary Graham, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, and Life After Trek-kers Manu Intiraymi & Walter Koenig. The story of Renegades takes place several years after Voyager's return home and delves into the dark side of the human psyche, pushing the characters to their limits, and forcing them to carry out actions that they never would have as Starfleet officers

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