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New Star Trek Into Darkness Poster And What J.J. Gets Right

New Star Trek: Into Darkness Poster And What J.J. Gets Right

As some of you have probably seen, Paramount just released a brand new poster for Star Trek Into Darkness that features the iconic delta shield seemingly cut out of a destroyed building. I say building, it could be anything. One interesting thing to note, that someone pointed out on the net, is that you can clearly see the London Gherkin in the background. I'm not sure how much the poster tells us about the upcoming film, but it definitely is reminiscent of the poster for The Dark Knight Rises. That's not a bad thing, just not super original.

This poster release, or any J.J. flavored Trek news, brings a flurry of comments from the entire spectrum of Trek fans. Some love it, some hate it, and yes, some are indifferent. One common thread though is that J.J. doesn't understand Star Trek. I beg to differ, I think J.J. fully understands Star Trek movies. Yes, the various Trek series are about exploration and the human adventure... the betterment of mankind, but the movies, on the other hand, are a different animal all together. Sure, you can argue that Star Trek: The Motion Picture was closer to Gene's Star Trek, but most fans don't really like it. "It's too long and boring" some say. Well, guess what? J.J.'s first installment runs in the same league as The Wrath of Khan, First Contact, or Generations for that matter. There's a nemesis... and the crew needs to band together to destroy... said nemesis. Heck, even Nemesis had a nemesis... but we won't go there.

The idea here is that J.J. successfully used the same formula as Harve Bennett and Nick Meyer. He repackaged a failing franchise in a flashier more palatable way and then stirred in some kick-in-the-pants special effects, a super-evil bad guy, and pathos. Well... and maybe a little too much lens flare, but you get the idea.

So, where does this leave us.... sorta in the same boat we were before. We NEED a new Trek series. That's where the magic happens. Don't get me wrong, the movies are magical in their own right, but Trek on TV is where the exploration and human adventure shine. 20+ hours a season (or series for our UK cousins) full of strange new worlds... new life and civilizations. Star Trek needs to boldly go back to the small screen and get in touch with it's inner Vulcan.

Cliches aside, we're in the same lull that us older Trek fans experienced before The Next Generation premiered. Anyone remember the fan fallout for that? Anyway, the new Trek films are bringing new blood into our fandom, widening its popularity, and increasing the chances that CBS or Paramount will spend the latinum on a new series. Which isn't a bad thing, right?

Check out the new Star Trek Into Darkness poster below.

New Star Trek: Into Darkness Poster And What J.J. Gets Right

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