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Trekcast 24 available on iTunes

Trekcast 24 available on iTunesNew episode of Trekcast hits the interwebs today.

In this episode we find our heroes braving Neonopolis and the Xanadu Sc-fi convention. There they fight off, phasers in hand, a horde of anime-maids. Also covered is the Klingon word of the day, Weekly Star Trek news, and a meeting with the Alien Warrior Comic. Be sure to tune in to Trekcast our favorite Star Trek podcast.

Captain Pyke Reviews New 'Star Trek' Toys - Part 1

Captain Pyke Reviews New 'Star Trek' Toys - Part 1If you're like me, you woke up this morning with one thing on your mind. Where are the new 'Star Trek' toys and how do I procure them. Flying out of the house with credit card in hand, I headed down the street to my local Target. Sure enough there in the toy section sat the brand new 'Star Trek' phasers, action-figures, playsets, and the like. I quickly grabbed all that I could, looking over my shoulder periodically like a dog protecting it's bowl. I stuffed everything in my cart and to the check out I ran. 

New Star Trek Online Interview And Dev Blog Post

New Star Trek Online Interview And Dev Blog PostStar Trek Online was recently featured on ST:0's Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich talks about Star Trek Online's player experience as well as the overall game play. Included in the interview is some new video showing a giant starship battle between the Federation and The Borg. Watch the interview here.

Lt. Leslie of 'Star Trek: TOS' Answers Your Questions.

Lt. Leslie of Star Trek: TOS Answers Your Questions.Eddie Paskey played Lt. Leslie in 59 episodes of 'Star Trek: The Original Series".  He was William Shatner's stand-in and seen in more episodes than George Takei or Walter Koenig.   Paskey will be making an appearance on Weekend Edition in a few weeks and NPR is giving us Trekkers a chance to ask Lt. Leslie Questions.

New 'Hey, Star Trek!' Blog By Jerad Formby

New 'Hey, Star Trek!' Blog On Trekcast.comJerad Formby gives us a new installment of the 'Hey, Star Trek!' blog over at This time he explores where George Lucas lost his mojo and why the Star Wars prequels were so bland. It all starts with a little duck named Howard.

Star Trek: TOS Season 1 Blu-ray Review

Star Trek: TOS Season 1 Blu-ray ReviewThe Digital Bits gives us an in-depth review of Star Trek: TOS season 1 on Blu-ray. Now we can all see Kirk, Spock, and Balok in 1080ps HD Glory.

Star Trek: The Experience Not Re-Launching May 8th

Star Trek: The Experience Not Re-Launching May 8thAccording to the Las Vegas Sun today, Star Trek The Experience won't be re-launching on May 8th. The hope was to have a ground breaking ceremony on the same day as the new movie opening but, CBS Studios won't allow it.

Watch 'Star Trek' with Eugene 'Rod' Roddenberry

Watch 'Star Trek' with Eugene 'Rod' RoddenberryOn May 9th Rod Roddenberry, son of late Gene and Majel Roddenberry, is inviting trekkers everywhere to watch 'Star Trek' at the Avalon Theater on California's Catalina Island.

Rod has planned a special presentation called 'Sharing the Legacy' that will take place right before the screening of the new J.J. Abrams film 'Star Trek'.

'Star Trek' UK Movie Review

'Star Trek' UK Movie has posted it's UK review of the new J.J. Abrams film 'Star Trek'.

IGN UK's Orlando Parfitt reports that 'Star Trek unequivocally succeeds in this aim; the film is fresh, accessible and modern. The film doesn't work however, as a pulsating, dramatic summer action movie.'

(May Contain Spoilers) Read the full review here

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