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Preview of Star Trek D-A-C

Preview of Star Trek D-A-CStar Trek D-A-C, a game based on the new J.J. Abrams film 'Star Trek', is set for release next month.  With the release forthcoming on XBOX Live, Playstation Network, and PC, Team XBOX got their hands on a copy for a preview.

Former TNG Writer Explains Star Trek's Success

Former TNG Writer Talks About What Made Star Trek SuccessfulLeonard Mlodinow, former writer on Star Trek: The Next Generation, tells us what has made Star Trek a success for the past forty years.

Some people invent a machine. Others create a machine for invention. To me, the success of the "Star Trek" franchise is based not on an irresistible world or set of characters, but upon its "corporate culture," a culture of imagination.  (source Newsweek)

3 More Star Trek Online Screens Released

Cryptic Studios just released 3 brand new screenshots for the upcoming Star Trek Online MMO. The shots include a Federation Starship flying through asteroids near a planet, an alien landscape, and some sweet space destruction. Check them out below.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Michael Dorn Is A Hero Again

Michael Dorn Is A Hero AgainMichael Dorn, best known for his role as Worf in the Star Trek universe, will be featured in the season finale of 'Heroes' reprising his role as the U.S. President.  This is the Second time he's played The President, Michael was originally in episode 13 of this season.

Michael isn't the only Star Trek Alum to star in 'Heroes'.  George Takei has been in 11 episodes playing Kaito Nakamura.

Be sure to catch Michael in the Season Finale of 'Heroes' April 27th on NBC.

Future Birth Place of Kirk To Get 'Star Trek' One Day Early

Future Birth Place of Kirk To Get 'Star Trek' One Day EarlyOfficially recognized for 25 years as the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk, Riverside Iowa and it's residents will get the new J..J. Abrams film 'Star Trek' on May 6th.  One full day earlier than the official release date.

Nimoy Onboard For More 'Star Trek'

Nimoy Onboard For More 'Star Trek'As reported by the Associated Press, Leonard Nimoy is open to the idea of another 'Star Trek' sequel.

"If J.J. Abrams calls me, I answer the phone," Nimoy said during a recent interview. "I don't say 'never' anymore."

Captain Pyke Reviews New 'Star Trek' Toys - Part 2

Captain Pyke Reviews New 'Star Trek' Toys - Part 2...part 1 available here.

In part 2 of my toy exploits, I will be covering the new 'Star Trek' action figures and playsets.  With all the madness and hype surrounding the new film I was surprised to see such a small display at my local target. 

4 New Dossiers Available On

4 New Dossiers Available On StarTrekMovie.comToday has been one release after another, not that we're complaining.

A brand new set of dossiers are available on Included in the release are Montgomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekhov, and the planet Vulcan. This brings the grand total to 12 with only 4 more to go before the May 7th movie release.

Visit to view the new releases.

Even More Photos Released For 'Star Trek'

We covered a new photo release earlier today, but it looks like Paramount opened the 'Star Trek' photo horn o'plenty. As reported by Sci fi Wire and other sites around the net, 9 more photos from 'Star Trek' were released today.

Bones and Scotty


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