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New 'Hey, Star Trek!' Blog By Jerad Formby

New 'Hey, Star Trek!' Blog On Trekcast.comJerad Formby gives us a new installment of the 'Hey, Star Trek!' blog over at This time he explores where George Lucas lost his mojo and why the Star Wars prequels were so bland. It all starts with a little duck named Howard.

The movie (Howard the Duck) came out and didn’t even come close to making back its 36 million dollar investment. In fact, Lucas had to sell company assets to recoup some of its costs –including the sell of a little company called PIXAR.

Howard really fried his egg, I guess. So he’s punished almost as aggressively as the Star Wars Holiday Special.

But it isn’t Howard’s fault. I’m here to champion this film and I’m not going to cite its “cult status” and I’m not going to cite it’s “very eighties” love. I am going to cite story telling, performances, and adaptation. (source

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