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Vegas Khhaaan! 2012

Vegas Khhaaan! 2012 Post Khhaaan! Wrap-up

So we've officially returned to the land of the living... well sorta. Vegas Khhaaan! 2012 is in the rearview mirror and although we're sad to see it speed by, we do have some fond memories to look back upon. That's right kids, it's time for the Vegas Khhaaan! 2012 wrap-up. We had a blast, of course, and other than Darren from Trekcast getting shushed by a certain blind engineer and me getting randomly insulted by another certain android, the show went off without a hitch. Don't worry kids, we paid it back in-kind. Our alter ego Bye Bye, Robot had a fantastic show as well and we'll have some really cool product announcements in the following week or two. Those of you that made it to the show and hit up the BBR booth know exactly what I'm talking about.

Costumed Star Trek Fans Are Poised To Break The World Record At Creation Entertainment's Official Star Trek Convention, Las Vegas

Costumed Star Trek Fans Are Poised To Break The World Record At Creation Entertainment's Official Star Trek Convention, Las Vegas.

It's that time of year again where the Grandaddy of all Star Trek conventions quickly approaches. The place where everyone knows your name... not cheers... Vegas Khhaaann! Actually, Creation Entertainment's Official STAR TREK Convention, Las Vegas. The one place on earth where you can hang with all of your Trek friends and family, see four out of the five Trek captains, and play Trek slot machines. Not only will William Shatner, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, & Scott Bakula be in attendance, but over 70 Star Trek celebrities will beam in for the four full days of awesomeness. As many of you know and probably attended, the Guiness Book of World Records certified that the record for having the most people in Star Trek costumes in one place was broken during last years Vegas Khhaaan! 1040 of you gathered and smashed the previous record. This year, Creation Entertainment is setting a time & place to break the record yet again.

Gates McFadden & George Takei Added To Vegas Khhaaan! 2012 Roster

Gates McFadden & George Takei To Attend Vegas Khhaaan! 2012

Creation Entertainment announced today that Gates McFadden (ST:TNG - Dr. Beverly Crusher) and George Takei (TOS - Mr. Sulu) will be among the celebrity guests at this August’s Vegas Convention. They have a stellar (ya, we meant to do that) line up so far for the upcoming convention. Most of the captains (hopefully more to be added), tons of the series regulars and a whole bunch of episode special guests. Confidentially, we haven’t yet seen Gates in person because she doesn’t seem to attend quite as many conventions as some of the other cast so we’re pretty excited to see her in Vegas this year.

You can check out the current confirmed celebrity guest list here. If you have a favorite, make sure to jot down when they will be appearing, because not all guests will be there for the whole weekend.

Experience Vegas Khhaaan! 2012 With Geek Nation Tours

Explore Vegas Khhaaan! 2012 With Geek Nation Tours

One of our favorite things about the annual Creation Entertainment Star Trek Las Vegas Convention (that we loving call Vegas Khhaaan!) is meeting new friends. During this year's Khhaaan!,we had the awesome opportunity to meet and hang out with the fine folks from Geek Nation Tours. What's Geek Nation Tours you ask? It's a tour company dedicated to the geek, and all his or her multifaceted interests. They create holidays for Geeks by Geeks. Oh, and next year? They're planning a special tour for Vegas Khhaaan! 2012. The Geek Nation Tours folks are good people (plus they're fans of Subspace Communique) and we figured, why not spread the word. This is definitely not a paid endorsement, just something that we thought was worth passing along. Get the full details below and be sure to check out Heck, if you have any questions, you can send along an email here.

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art