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DVD Geeks

Help Make Mary Czerwinski (Televixen from DVD Geeks) The Next Dr. Elizabeth Dehner!

If you don’t know Mary Czerwinski yet, you may get to in 2012. Mary is taking to the interwebs with a grass-roots effort to become the next Dr. Dehner in JJ Abrams’s 2012 Star Trek sequel.  Mary is an accomplished actor and model and has been a longtime co-host of DVD Geeks, not to mention a great friend to Subspace Communique. Although she has a long list of professional credentials, her “Dehner cred” should not be overlooked. We got a total kick reading the list which included awesomeness like; “Genuine fan of Star Trek”, “Fluent in technobabble - Proof? Voice of The Computer, Star Trek: Reunion (machinima series)”, and “Tall drink of water like Sally Kellerman”

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