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Help Make Mary Czerwinski (Televixen from DVD Geeks) The Next Dr. Elizabeth Dehner!

If you don’t know Mary Czerwinski yet, you may get to in 2012. Mary is taking to the interwebs with a grass-roots effort to become the next Dr. Dehner in JJ Abrams’s 2012 Star Trek sequel.  Mary is an accomplished actor and model and has been a longtime co-host of DVD Geeks, not to mention a great friend to Subspace Communique. Although she has a long list of professional credentials, her “Dehner cred” should not be overlooked. We got a total kick reading the list which included awesomeness like; “Genuine fan of Star Trek”, “Fluent in technobabble - Proof? Voice of The Computer, Star Trek: Reunion (machinima series)”, and “Tall drink of water like Sally Kellerman”

On her site,,  Mary tells us why Dehner would make a great character addition to the next Star Trek movie and, in particular, why she would make the perfect Dehner.

Hey! Make me Dehner.

Yes, you heard that right. I want to be Dr. Elizabeth Dehner in the new Star Trek movie. Yes, I realize this is a cheesy actors' trick, but the Hell if that will stop me. So, with all the characters in TOS you are probably wondering why Dehner? Well, let me tell you...

Every starship needs an intelligent female officer, particularly one with expertise in psychiatry (more so when there are such conflicted characters as in ST 2009). Plus, who doesn't love a perfect Hitchcock-esque blonde? Not only does Dehner possess mad psychiatry skills, she's working with ESP, which could prove to be incredibly helpful when encountering Federation enemies. Any woman who has the guts to stand up to a captain, surely deserves to be resurrected for the 2012 JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel, right?

Did we say “grass-roots”? We totally did! That means that she needs YOUR help to make this all happen. Part of that includes endorsement videos. Check out her site for the details.

You can catch Mary in person at the upcoming Vegas Khhaaan! next month.. She’ll be hosting two panels; “Glue Guns and Phasers” and “Geek Girls”.

We here at Subspace Communique wish Mary good luck with her personal “star” trek and wholeheartedly support her for the role of Dr. Dehner.


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