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Star Trek: The Next Generation Pinball Released For iOS & Android

This week us Trekkies were blessed with a nice bit of nostalgia, amid all the new news from that upcoming Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. Pinball Arcade has blessed us with the release of the now classic Star Trek The Next Generation pinball machine digitally for iOS devices as well as Android devices.

This release is a faithful digital reproduction of the original pinball machine released by Williams Electronics or WMS back in 1993 during the heyday of one of our favorite Star Trek series TNG.  WMS was also responsible for a couple of our other favorite great genre pinball releases such as Twilight Zone and Indiana Jones (some of my personal favorites, which by the way cost me quite a few quarters)

The game itself is a pretty solid recreation of that classic pinball table with all the sounds and graphics from the game replicated to exact standards, even the sound clips have that digital quality to them that was available only back in 1993. I've just personally downloaded this, myself, for the iPad and am trying to figure out if this release has everything I remember from those good old days playing back in the arcades, including the bonus poker game you could play in the LED screen when you launched your ball at the beginning of each game.

So perhaps a new full review will be forthcoming but right now I'm still just imagining shoving all my quarters into this machine and hoping I could hit that Borg multi-ball and beating my buddy's high score, by the way if you want to try and beat mine just look for me on gamecenter, I'm Quarksbartender.

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Check out screenshots and the offical video preview below.

TNG pinball

TNG pinball

TNG pinball

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