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Shooting Wraps On Alexander Siddig's "Inescapable"

If you're reading this site then you probably know by now that we're huge Deep Space Nine fans. What can we say, we love it. We also love following the goings-on of the DS9 cast... Not to mention that most of our Life After Trek interviews have been with former DS9'ers, as well. Let's see, we have Chase, Armin, Max, Aron, Jeffery, Tony, & Natalija. Not a bad line-up, if I do say so myself. One person we would love to talk to is Alexander Siddig; Dr. Bashir, to you and me. So Alexander, if you're out there, hit us up. We'd love to interview you. In lieu of that, we just got word that his new film Inescapable has just wrapped shooting and is headed to post production. Big thanks to Subspace Comms reader Sheri for filling us in.

For those who don't know about the film; Inescapable is the story of a Syrian expatriate (Siddig) whose journalist daughter goes missing in Damascus. He must return to his homeland to find her despite the risks, and calls on a former love to help him. The film was green lit back in the Spring of 2011 and then shelved until fall of the same year... and then shelved again. Fortunately for us, it just finished its tight shooting schedule in South Africa.

Alexander tells Indiewire that it was definitely worth the wait; "I did a lot of gardening, I knew in my heart that this would happen and that I needed to do it, so I stayed free."

"I was drawn to the character because I am a father," Alexander Continues. "What father hasn't worried what would happen if his daughter was in trouble and thought about what he would do?"

The film is directed by Ruba Nadda, who also worked with Alexander on the film Cairo Time.

"When I first read the script it was a bit slow, so I told Ruba. By the time she handed me the shooting script, it was at breakneck speed!"

We're really looking forward to the film and you can check out the full in-depth interview here.


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