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Trek Fun On The Bayou. BayouCon 2011 Star Trek Guest List

Trek Fun On The Bayou. BayouCon 2011 Star Trek Guest List

If you're in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area at the end of this month, or you have the need to hang with your Trek brethren, make your way to BayouCon April 28th through May 1st.  BayouCon, formerly Con Du Lac, is a fan run scifi convention for the Southwest Louisana area.  According to the official website; In 2009 the convention launched as a Sci-Fi convention and was held at the Enos Derbonne Sports Complex in Lake Charles.  2010 brought about new growth and new opportunities as the festival moved downtown to the Civic Center."  This year BayouCon is featuring Trek favs & friends as their honored media guests.  Max Grodenchik (Rom DS9) & Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forest Enterprise & countless characters from TNG to VOY) will be in attendance plus more, check out the full list below.

BayouCon 2011
April 28th - May 1st, 2011
Lake Charles Civic Center
Lake Charles, LA.
Offical Website

Star Trek Media Guests

Max Grodenchik

Vaughn Armstrong

Larry Nemecek

Daryl Frazetti

Other Media Guests

Dino Andrade

Josh Yawn

Krista Wohfeil

For the full list of guests including those from the Comic & Literary world, check out the official website here.

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