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Star Trek Youtube Video Round-up: Shats & Giggles Edition

Star Trek Youtube Video Round-up: Shats & Giggles Edition

We've expressed our affection for The Shat so many times here on our humble website. We've written many an article, talked about his awesomeness in detail, and covered his attempt to take over the world, one TV show at a time. One thing we haven't discussed is his magnetic personality. Well maybe we have, but that's not the point. From playing Captain Kirk to playing himself, The Shat is simply The Shat. He's a force to be reckoned with and his simple smirk and strange halting laugh is a weapon he often uses from his arsenal. Many a beast has been soothed by it and many Orion Slave girls have fallen victim to it. That's why we give you another Star Trek Youtube video round-up: The Shats & Giggles Edition

This is simply the quintessential Kirk laugh.

The Shat is no stranger to guest appearances. Here he is as himself with Will Smith on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" circa 1996. He's apparently at the dentist, when Will & Carlton storm in asking for a picture & an autograph. The Shat's been gassed and hilarity ensues. Sort of.

Does saying you're laughing, count as actual laughter? Who knows, but Khan doesn't seem to like it.

Captain Kirk as a ladies man? Sure, that's intergalacticly renowned. Maybe it's his smile, his subtle laugh that makes all of the Orion Slave Girls swoon.

The Shat is known for his spoken-word musical stylings and his interpretation of "It was a very good year", is no exception. You can tell it's going to be good, simply The Shat's expression.

And finally, The Shat as himself on the Mike Douglas Show from 1969, mock turtleneck, short & pegged dress pants, magnetic smile, & all.

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