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Captain Pike May or May Not Return In Star Trek XII

Captain Pyke May or May Not Return In Star Trek XII

Some headline, huh? Not that this isn't obvious... Anyway, one of our favorite Character's from Star Trek XI was the new Captain Pike played by Bruce Greenwood. 

Not that Pike would need to be in the next movie, since he was really just a vehicle to get Kirk to join Starfleet, but we thought Greenwood was such a strong character that we would definitely like to see him return.  As Reported by, Captain Pike may or my not return.  Bruce Greenwood explains.

"I know they're writing the film right now, but I'm not sure if we'll see Pike or not," Greenwood said. "He was mainly there to bring Kirk aboard the Enterprise and it's hard to say if he'll be popping up in the sequel."

Greenwood also spoke about his history with the series and what he learned from his predecessors who played Captain Pike in the past.

"I did go back and look at Jeffrey Hunter's performance in the original series," Greenwood said about his preperation for the role. "This is obviously a very different kind of Star Trek, but it was nice to see the history of the character unfold." (source

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