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Zoey Saldana Is Looking For Some Action In Star Trek XII

Zoey Saldana Is Looking For Some Action In Star Trek XII

Zoe Saldana is quite the rising sci-fi heroin in Hollywood these days. Of course, Starring in J.J. Abrams's 'Star Trek' as well as the upcoming James Cameron film Avatar. Cinematical got the chance to talk to Zoe about both films as well as what she would like to see in Star Trek XII.

"In Star Trek, I had so much fun, but the boys got all the action! J.J. [Abrams] promised me that I'm going to -- [that] in the sequel, she will have at least one little fight. I mean, just [let me] kick a guy in the groin or something!" Zoe explains.

Saldana was full of enthusiasm and emotion for her Avatar experience and was as full of praise for James Cameron as her costar Sam Worthington. "Avatar definitely had a purpose and will always have a very special place in my heart because it was the one film that I got to shoot for two years. Usually, we only shoot for three months and you have this amazing time with the cast, and the director, and the crew. And then the film lives forever for you guys, but our experiences of shooting that will only live for three months, and sometimes we feel cheated. Working with an amazing director like James Cameron, and working with Sam Worthington who I just -- he's one of the most selfless actors I've ever met. We're literally like brother and sister now. But not incestual! [laughs] Don't [confuse] that with Avatar, because they are in love! (source Cinematical)

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