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Trek Tour

Live Your Dream With The Ultimate Star Trek Guided Tour

Would you like to combine Travel + Star Trek filming sites + Las Vegas + The Official Star Trek Convention into one mega Star Trek fanstravaganza?!?! Since I know my own answer would be "YES!!!!" I'm gonna go out on a limb as guess that you're saying "No duh!" right about now.

Well, now all of your wildest dreams can come true! Our good friends Larry Nemecek and Geek Nation Tours are teaming up again for one of the most fun and informative Star Trek tours of all time. Their "Exploring Trek Sites: Hollywood to Vegas With Larry Nemecek" is the ultimate guided tour for any Trek fan. Via private coach, you get to visit a ton of filming locations and Trek-centric sites around California, meet some of the Trek cast, compete amongst your travel-mates in trivia contests, and culminate the tour with the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.  But don't just let me tell you about it. You can check out our podcast, with Larry and Geek Nation Tours, here.

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