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Live Your Dream With The Ultimate Star Trek Guided Tour

Would you like to combine Travel + Star Trek filming sites + Las Vegas + The Official Star Trek Convention into one mega Star Trek fanstravaganza?!?! Since I know my own answer would be "YES!!!!" I'm gonna go out on a limb as guess that you're saying "No duh!" right about now.

Well, now all of your wildest dreams can come true! Our good friends Larry Nemecek and Geek Nation Tours are teaming up again for one of the most fun and informative Star Trek tours of all time. Their "Exploring Trek Sites: Hollywood to Vegas With Larry Nemecek" is the ultimate guided tour for any Trek fan. Via private coach, you get to visit a ton of filming locations and Trek-centric sites around California, meet some of the Trek cast, compete amongst your travel-mates in trivia contests, and culminate the tour with the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.  But don't just let me tell you about it. You can check out our podcast, with Larry and Geek Nation Tours, here.

"I'm thrilled again that Teras has asked me to lead this," Larry says, "and we have tweaked it from 2012, adding in the Valley of Fire "Kirk death" scenery and the actual killer bridge! —work permitting, with the great Michael Westmore along with us. So, a word to the wise: the more we have on board sooner, the more surprise guests we can line up for our cozy group: Not just new friends for the con, but new friends for fandom."
This year's tour also has goodie gift souvenir sponsors for tour-trekkers: Robe Factory, Bye Bye Robot, Creation Entertainment, Stronghold Games and more to be announced.

Below are a mere few of the events and places you'll visit. With many, many more already on the docket. Be sure to go to the Geek Nation Tours site and sign up early so you can guarantee a space!

Café Cirroc and Sara the Wine Bar, Cirroc Lofton’s (Jake Sisko) restaurant.  The tour will be dinning at Café Cirroc and Sara the Wine Bar so be prepared for some good food and maybe a celebrity appearance by the hard-working owner!

Griffith Observatory, a favorite of space geeks, and not just as the site of Paris and Tuvok’s shootout in Voyager’s “Future’s End”! With a stunning view of Los Angeles by day or night, the tour will explore exhibits old and new—including the Leonard Nimoy Theatre and its namesake’s welcome film, and other sites in the 2006 addition.

Tillman Water Plant and Japanese Garden. Here the tour can explore and pose with what has become the most iconic version of Starfleet Academy and HQ, as seen in many TV episodes from The Next Generation to Enterprise.

Vasquez Rocks County Park with a meet and greet with the Gorn...Bobby Clark.

Here's Bobby, himself, guest leading the tour.

Paramount Studios tour of the lot, led by Larry and a studio guide.

Hollywood Walk of Fame ...and don't forget one of the best stops, Gene Roddenberry's Hollywood Star!

...AND MANY, MANY MORE LOCATIONS!! Be sure to check out all the Trek-goodness at the Geek Nation Tours website.

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