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Life After Trek Podcast Episode 24 Featuring Dan Madsen

We’re pleased to announce episode 24 of our “Life After Trek” podcast featuring Dan Madsen. Dan is know for forming the first official Star Trek fan club, creating Star Trek Communicator Magazine, and running the official Lucasfilm Fan Club for nearly 20 years, just to name a few. Being a longtime fan of Star Trek, beginning with TOS syndication in the 70s, Dan started his jaunt into the fan club scene with a small ad in Starlog Magazine in 1979. The fan club grew with leaps and bounds until 1982 when he was approached by Paramount to head the first officially licensed Star Trek fan club. Dan has been a major force in Trekdom for over 30 years and has continued his work today with the extremely popular Her Universe clothing and collectibles company.

We had an amazing time talking to Dan and reliving his journey through both Star Trek and Star Wars fandom. To be honest, there's too much to fit in just one episode. Hopefully we can have him back in the very near future. This is a gem of an episode that you don't want to miss!




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