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Former Starship Exeter (TOS) Bridge Finds New Life In Oklahoma City

Former Starship Exeter :(TOS) Bridge Finds New Life In Oklahoma City

Like so many fan films, Starship Exeter ceased production short of completing its final episode. With its bridge slowly rotting in a Central Texas barn, the Exeter team parted ways when funding ran dry. Now, the bridge is getting new life through a brand new fan series called Starship Ajax in Oklahoma City. In 2010, OKC resident John Hughes found out about the abandoned set and made his way to Austin to retrieve it.

“It took two big U-Haul trucks and packing them was like a big ‘Tetris' game,” Hughes said. “He sent carpet, chairs, all kinds of things with the bridge.”

Left to the elements, the set was in pretty bad shape. The Ajax crew set to work over the last few years and have resurrected the old girl to her former glory. With scripts being written and wardrobe being created, the new fan film is slowly taking shape. According to John Hughes, the renovated bridge is available for any enterprising (sorry) fans.

"It's going to remain open as a studio for anybody across America... if they have something they want to shoot, we have available sets." Hughes said.

Check out the full news clip below.

Big thanks to Con of Wrath director of photography, Neal Halford for posting a link to the original story.


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