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Happy 20th Anniversary, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Today marks the 20th anniversary (has it really been 20 years?) of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiering on the small screen. 20 years, and I can still remember it fondly. I was apprehensive about the new series, like every Trek fan is about anything new entering our beloved universe, but DS9 proved to be one of my favorites. "Emissary" christened the birth of some of Trekdom's most beloved characters. We saw the Ferengi change from the occasionally annoying villains in TNG, to an endearing race of profit driven bipeds that really love Oo-mox and their families (though Quark wouldn't admit it) . We watched a father deal with the death of his wife and the responsibility of solely raising a young son. We then saw that same father become a spiritual figure to an entire planet of Bajorans. All the while, watching the station weather invasions, wars, terrorist attacks, and the deaths of some beloved residents.

DS9, as we've all come to call it, had a darker tone than most Trek series, but with the dark tone came richness of character development and wonderful pathos that would color the series up to its finale. Some of our absolute favorites episodes of Star Trek, let alone television as whole, came from that wonderfully Cardasian looking station. I only wish that there had been more, or maybe a feature film. So... here's to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the characters, the actors, the writers, producers, and crew. You've brought many hours of wonderful thought provoking entertainment and social commentary to the world. We've enjoyed every minute.

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