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New Star Trek Online Captain’s Log Gives Ships Tips To New Players

New Star Trek Online Captain’s Log Gives Ships Tips To New Players

Hey you guys, there’s a new Captain’s Log available from our pal over at Massively, Terilynn Shull . This time she has put together a bunch of great tips and info, specifically focused on low-tier ships, for all the new STO players.

She talks about the process of acquiring new ships as a result of leveling in the game, as well as which ships are available at the different levels. Along the way, she dives into the details of the different ships and their pros & cons…giving advice to new players that will help them make educated decisions about their future in STO.

Here are a few snippets for the brand new player:

In STO, every player will receive a new vessel to command with every new rank through Rear Admiral. This means that over the course of leveling, the player will eventually receive five new vessels until she reaches the rank of Vice Admiral. Vice Admirals do not automatically get a new vessel and are required to purchase a higher-tier vessel either from the ZEN Store or with in-game currency, called dilithium.

She goes on to say, “Each new vessel comes equipped with better hull strength, improved weapon slots, and expanded bridge officer capabilities than its predecessor. A player will gain a ship token from the Admiral Quinn at Earth Spacedock after she reaches the next rank, and the token can be taken to the Shipyard, where a new ship can be selected for use for the next 10 levels.”

Be sure to read her full article here and don’t forget to check back regularly for updates.

(Source: Massively )

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