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Leonard Nimoy Welcomes The Enterprise To Its New Home

Leonard Nimoy Welcome The Enterprise To It's New Home

As a child of 70's & 80's, I've had an amazing fascination with the space program. From drawing pictures of Space Shuttles in my kindergarten class to visiting Space Camp shortly after the Challenger accident, it's played a significant role in my formative years. I guess that's really where my love affair with Star Trek began. I have to say that today is rather bittersweet. The internet has been buzzing with talk about the end of the Space Program, as we know it, for some time. Though, today it finally hit home for me. I watched the first shuttle, Enterprise, arrive at its new home. Greeted so graciously by one of my heroes, Mr. Leonard Nimoy. Sure, the Enterprise has been a museum piece for sometime, but its transfer to a new resting spot means that the active shuttle fleet is no longer in service. It's sad really. With a touch of bitter there's also the sweet. Leonard gave an awe inspiring speech that's sure to go down in history, at least in my mind, as one of the greats.

"This is a reunion for me. 35 years ago, I met the Enterprise for the first time. When this ship was first built, it was named Constitution. Star Trek fans can be very persuasive." Leonard Continues, "What a great day that was in 1976, we the cast of Star Trek were invited to be there in Palmdale, California... For the first time when the hangar doors opened, this wonderful ship rolled out, the Air Force band played the theme from Star Trek."

You can check out Leonard's full speech and some truly awe inspiring clips of Enterprise's final ride on its way to the Intrepid Air & Space Museum.

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