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Check out Larry Nemecek At CyPhaCon in Lake Charles, Louisiana This Weekend

Lake Charles, Louisiana is a hotbed of activity for Star Trek and scifi fans alike. We've told you about BayouCon recently and even live blogged from the event last year. Oh, and we'll have some exciting news about BayouCon in the coming days. This weekend though, Subspace Communique friend, Star Trek author and fount of knowledge Larry Nemecek will be headlining another event in Lake Charles called CyphaCon.

Here's a little bit about the convention: Sponsored by the non-profit Future Possibilities Foundation, CyPhaCon is the culmination of a dream of Anime, Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Gaming fans in S.W. Louisiana.  We have come together from different walks of life and disparate interests with one goal: A recurring and fun fan convention, by fans, for fans

April 13th - 15th 2012
Lake Charles Civic Center
Lake Charles, Louisianan
Official Website

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