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New Trailer For Star Trek Online Feature Episodes “The 2800”

In honor of the new “The 2800” Feature Episodes, Star Trek Online has released a new trailer.   For those who don’t know,“The 2800” will consist of five featured episodes being released on consecutive Saturdays, until the big conclusion of the story on Saturday, March 10th. The episodes include the following: Episode 1: "Second Wave" (February 11) , Episode 2: "Of Bajor" (February 18) , Episode 3: "Operation Gamma" (February 25) , Episode 4: "Facility 4028" (March 3) , & Episode 5: "Boldly They Rode" (March 10) .

During this story, the Jem Hadar will be staging a massive attack upon Deep Space Nine, and it's up to players to warp in and save the game.

The 2800 will debut in the game on Saturday, February 11th, following this weekend's second anniversary celebration.

Read more about the new series here

(Source: Massively & STO Wiki)

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